New Video: "Uni-Geezer-Making a Splash!"

Good point. Then it was a UPS… unplanned swim… :slight_smile:

My favorite part was the squish that came off you too.
I love your videos.

UPS! Haha that’s great! Or UPD=Unplanned dunk! Or worse if I had been knocked out: Unplanned Drowning!:wink:

Dude, you are certifiable!:smiley:

That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said…thanks! That’s means trustworthy, right?:wink:

Some GREAT laughs… Thanks, Terry!

I have fallen onto water…

I sent that picture to my sister alone (without all the text) and she didn’t realize it was ice…quite amusing.

Yeah I kindof came up with it “on the fly!” :sunglasses:

Hmmm, you have a point, although there was contact with the uni. Howabout UPSD= “unplanned semi-dismount”

…or UPNM…“unplanned non-mount”…maybe “anti-mount” (UPAM)…?:wink:

Whatever we call it, I’m glad it happened! I love a good laugh, even if it’s directed at me!:stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not really old, are you? You’re just a teenage punk. Show us your grey hair. Ha! I knew it.

Nice vid. The tree is pointless without a unicycle. Nice :slight_smile: Cool fountain. I was hoping you’d try a new drop height record… ah well.
Do you film everything yourself?

Haha the secret’s out!:stuck_out_tongue:

But a fun diversion, if only for a couple seconds. (“Pointless?” A tree is a miracle of nature…it doesn’t need a unicycle.:slight_smile: )

Well from the top of the rock to the splash entry was almost a distance record for me!

Only my unicycle videos; I could film myself tuning a piano, or buying groceries, but…hey wait, maybe I could tie that in to riding somehow!;);):wink: …wait again…I already have!

After I fell in I was hoping it was the Fountain of youth! Oh well.:o

haha really enjoyed your vid m8! so a UPD is an unplanned dismount right? getin there! lol i’ve watched a couple of your vids they’re awesome haha guys got skills! once you knew u were falling you should’ve gone for points and flipped or bellyflopped still 10 out of 10 for effort got out and tried agen! good on ya! :smiley: I think we should give this spectacular new trick an name! i think UPS unplanned swim is winning at the moment!
Kepp up the good work!

Hey thanks Josh, yeah I like “UPS” that’s a good one! Hey, where exactly is Tunbridge Wells? Is that in the UK?