New Video: "Uni-Geezer-Making a Splash!"

Happy Easter everyone!:smiley:

I was just out for a nice, leisurely Sunday afternoon ride, when I discovered this cool Waterfall Island with a surrounding rock garden. All I can say is, OMG! This video contains probably one of the funniest, most embarrassing UPD’s EVER! The title should give you a hint! :roll_eyes:

I’ll tell you though, if I could go back in time to prevent it, I wouldn’t ! It’s just too dang good!

So have a laugh on me, I can take it! Here, I’ll start it…Hahahahahahahahahhahah!:smiley: :sunglasses: :p;)

PS: Just curious: Have any of you ever UPD’d into a body of water??? Oh, and when are you too old to climb a tree? I say…NEVER!

That was great!!!

“How old am I again?”

Edited to say: No, I’ve never UPD in water before. Mud yes… water… not… YET.

Haha that was another great video…

Greg Harper has never fallen into a fountain and he’s younger than you are. :wink:

Nice, My friend is obsessed with your videos, seeing how you are a lot better than him, genesis4 or 04 i dont know which.

Now unicycling is a water sport!

Hello Terry,
Now I’m thinking if he can fall like that maybe I Should be wearing those leg and wrist guards in my garage. Glad your ok. I liked that art work in the opening shot, and those time cut-outs (like in the tree, I don’t know the technical term) .

Great video!

Oh, I had a UPD near a stream a year ago, I landed and slid down the bank. Luckily I stopped just before the water. It was close enough that I walk the uni past that spot to this day.

Awesome video man. I love your videos. The Uni-Geezer series is definitely the most entertaining of all unicycling series. Wait…are there any other series?

Nice Fall though, you made it very casual.

Hell yeah, nice clip there MuniAddict i drop into the fountains near my house too. It doesn’t bother me if people are making fun of me. Cause i’ll do it again and again. :smiley: :smiley:

As for UPD’d in water, yes i have and it’s very fun when it happens. :smiley: and you’re never too old to climb trees. :smiley: :smiley:

Good one. Excellent that you had the video cam running. That would have been a shame if it was unrecorded. I’m starting to learn to read lips. When you climbed out of the water, did you say, " I meant to do that"?
I am also addicted to Uni-Geezer videos.

Well, a friend of mine climbs trees at 62… And quite well I might add.

I guess that’s what makes hopping around stuff like ponds and pools more fun… the danger of falling in… Actually looked almost refreshing… Up here a guy could freeze to death if that happened…


good job. only time i rode in water was on purpose:D

Awesome. My favorite part is the squish of water that comes off your leg when you do end up completing it.

Have I fallen in water? Nope…too much of a wuss. Maybe this summer, though…some nice trails right along the river…long way down, tho…better take the video camera:p

+1 :smiley: :smiley:

Fountains call to me. They beckon me. I don’t know what it is.

Haha, I hadn’t even noticed that until you pointed that out! How funny!:stuck_out_tongue:

My cousin jumped off a ~9-10’ bridge on a unicycle before. Of course he landed in the water, and my dad got a picture of him about an inch off the water, looks like Jesus riding a unicycle on water;) I don’t have the picture, but I’m sure Seamus will chime in with it sooner or later.

It would have been if it hadn’t been so stagnent and filled with gunk! :astonished: I still wouldn’t go back in time to prevent it! Just too funny!:smiley:

haha that was priceless. Best comedy routine yet:D

have i UPDed into water?

On a uni once - I hit a pothole while going fast and could not run it out so went into a roll right threw a puddle.

I like my bike one better: I was riding across a beaver dam and my front wheel slipped off a log into a hole, I ended up in that stagnant amber-brown water of a beaver-pond, 20 km ride back to camp drenched. No beaver-feaver so it was all worth it. :slight_smile:

edit: You are never too old to climb a tree (or anything else you want to climb for that matter)

Haha, was that technically a UPD? Because you hadn’t quite gotten up onto the uni yet…

well you must not suffer from the “over heating” problem I sometimes get :wink: