New Video: "Uni-Geezer: Hops, Drops & Props"

The old old Geezer’s at it again, just having fun at the beach. With some fun little bits thrown in, this one’s a quickie! :smiley:

If you watch it, please post a comment…I truly appreciate each and every one! :slight_smile:


uni-geezer hops, drops and props_0001.jpg

Sometimes I think it is true what my son says" That us old people get a little addicted to what we do." but I think we just put all our heart and soul into it.
Beginner at 36 and lovin every minute of it.

Keep up the awesome movies, Live it to the limit. :sunglasses:

“Old” At 36? Haha, no way! You could almost be my son! Of course, to a kid 36 would indeed seem old, but it sure ain’t in the scheme of things. Rock on!:smiley:

I do not consider myself old but my son thinks I am. I ride trials and street with a 25 year old and try to give him hell. I am not stopping till they start digging the hole and then I might even try to gap it.Peace:D

I think your videos could be an insperation to all old people showing that they can do these things instead of jus saying things like " what it is to be young " and not even making an effort to try it

haha Damn once again a funny and enjoyable video I love watching your videos this one was great. That was insane when you were hopping on the newspaper boxes haha that one almost fell haha it almost broke. AHHH sweet man someday we will ride together. hahaha Have a good day man.

Great video that was most awsome.

Always interesting to see what you were up to on the weekend. Thanks for keeping us entertained

Please for the love of GOD, only post your movie in ONE thread not two. It’s getting REALLY ANNOING YOU KNOW LIKE HOW I’M TYPING IN ALL CAPS LOCK GET’S ANNOYING DOSEN’T IT.

People post in the video forums, then usually one in RSU because RSU gets more attention.


Great video Terry!!

What Jerrick said…(thanks Jerrick!):slight_smile:

Yeah if we get together to ride in your area of Riverside, we should ridebefore it gets too hot! I know riverside BAKES in the summer! :astonished:

Yeah March isn’t good because of all these Drumline Shows I got and well you are going to Moab at the end of march so most likely april, but I hope to see you soon you seem like someone that is badass to hang out with.

i wanna see more tree hopping

yeah, that’s bad man- you give me jokes, but you cool man- you cool!:stuck_out_tongue:

been watching your 7 set vid and i think you would find it easier to clear if you pulled up more to go out farther

haha easier said then done! For some reason I don’t seem to get much height in my roll hops, no matter how much I pull up!

I think maybe if I “think” of actually jumping UP off the pedals, but of course pulling the uni up under me, instead of trying too hard to lift the uni with all my weight on it! I think it’s got to be a timing thing. :thinking:

You don’t look 51.

-nice vid-

I made a pact with the devil!:wink:

were those the newspaper things you were looking at in one of your other vids??