New Video: "Uni-Geezer: Hops, Drops & Props"

The old old Geezer’s at it again, just having fun at the beach. With some fun little bits thrown in, this one’s a quickie! :smiley:

If you watch it, please post a comment…I truly appreciate each and every one! :slight_smile:


uni-geezer hops, drops and props_0001.jpg

Nice!!! This is one of my favorite ones yet!:smiley:

As always, amazing stuff. Those drops were impressive, and I laughed at the tree hopping. I wish I was as good as you, old man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha nice. I like how you try to make it funny too, its really entertaining to watch. Good job with the riding too.

Good stuff, old man. Both impressive and entertaining.

Hey Terry, That is a lot of fun! Keep it rolling!

Especially liked the big mouth routine. :smiley:

I like to stay on top of the news. Another good and entertaining video with music. I liked the big mouth joke setup too. Thanks, Terry.

Very nice. I loved this video, wish it was longer! Keep getting better!

terry i likes your short comedy intros.

doctor to newsman to radio host…
the big mouth was hilarious!

-I dunno, i got it from my mom six weeks ago!
-Really, cause i’d liike to know where i can get one of those!

good vid, try only hopping on the single squares on the hop scotch :stuck_out_tongue:

Terrific video Terry. My 5 year old loved the big mouth puppet. Your videos are always entertaining. Keep them coming. My wife liked the 12 step program, making special notice of the Purim Carnival sign. We had been to one earlier today. I really liked the fade in technique of you on some of the scenes. Just curious what editing program you are using?

Thanks, yeah this viddy was really short, it would’ve been longer if I’d had the cahoonies to jump an 8-set I found…there just wasn’t enough landing area; one upd and I’d end up in traffic!:smiley:

He’s using Windows movie maker I’d bet. Loved the video. You should have just cleared the wobbly news stand.

Haha, I never eve n noticed that sign 'till you mentioned it and I went back and looked! I use windows movie maker but I really, REALLY need to get better editing software because MM just continues to shut down without warning. Last night while editing this video was the worst! I lost count but it must have crashed (MM, not windows) at least a dozen times while I was trying ti edit! It got soooo frustrating I almost gave up and came close to just deleteing the whole thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually had a much better take of that bit (better sound and lighting) but I accidentally taped over it! :astonished:

You’re good, and I should’ve guessed you’d use “USA Today” as your jumping off point! Some funny gags, too. Thanks for the entertainment.

Haha! I wanted to hop all the racks to the end, but the USA today stand was just so shaky, (and the highest one too!) that I lost balance and had to either jump or bail, so I jumped, and didn’t quite land it solid enough to ride away.:frowning: I was going to try it again, but I my ankle was still a bit sore from a previous drop.

Good Video! Good jumps! Good hopscotch! Hope to you can join my group for a ride again sometime soon!

gppd to watch as always, not trying to put you down but with your stair gaps i think you need to hop more as it looks like you just ride off with speed, if you practice rolling hops on flat ground and try to hop further and higher each time you will get the technique happening then apply it to your stairs to be mnore succesful and produce a better looking film that will really blow people away.

so thats the winge :slight_smile: now for the god, i really enjoy your vids and i think it is great to see some older fellas gettin into it, keep the practice and you will show many people that age is no object (you already do this to a point)

keep it up terry!!!

EBAY!!! THATS WHERE THEY GET EM!! Lol loved the vid man we need to ride soon with the young folk again and show us your skillz :slight_smile: