New Video: "Uni-Geezer: Golden Years"

I’ll be sure to watch it when I get home, because I am curently at school and can’t watch it…

Allright and welcome Kingtut. One more geezer on the forum.

And, who’s gonna photoshop a uni on top of that Stonehenge picture? Come on, somebody’s gotta do it.

It does look like Stonehenge. At least from pictures that I’ve seen. But I guess you and Terry were probably around when they built Stonehenge. How did they get those big rocks up on top of those other rocks?

Hey now. We’re not THAT old.

Ok no cookies & milk for you!:wink: As for how they got those rocks up there…Aliens! (No not illegal aliens, but the kind from outer space! :roll_eyes: )

Yeah welcome Ron! Why’d you move 450+ miles up North? What High school did you go to? I went to West High, class of '74…no Harley, not 1874!:stuck_out_tongue:

I went to North High class of 72. I knew Teri Meyer and Melinda Marquart from West High.
I moved up North to get away from the crowds in LA. I now live out of town on 5 acres and love the “space”.

Damn, Terry. Dropping straight into the deck like that, even when you’re trying to quickly roll out, is sort of sketchy on the ankles and back (at least it is on mine) – and the gear.

Somebody good with spoke tensioning can almost certainly pull that rim back into true.


Funny you mention that because my back and just about everything in general kinda ached the next day after those SEVEN drops in a row!!! But luckily I didn’t have any ankle problems as I made dang sure my feet were perfectly centered over the pedals. Plus I really love my new five-ten shoes! They stick almost TOO good, but I’m getting used to them. Just really hard to re-position your feet once you’re on the pedals.

From now on, when launching from such a small confined area where there’s no room for a rolling start, I will (initially) side hop-as if trying to clear 3-4 stairs-then twist back to forward at impact so as to get a nice roll-out momentum.

This is how I should have done it:

Yeah my Muni is currently at the LBS and should be ready in time for my late afternoon ride!:smiley:

I finally watched it (i got home from school) and I like the fedex drop, it would probably be easier as others have said to side hop but to twist on the way down (something I need to work on as well) but anyway Excellent job AGAIN and I like the cinder block “gapping” at the end, I want to go get some cinder blocks now…

and hear

Don’t you mean “not 1074 BC”? :roll_eyes:

Haha if that were true, then I REALLY look good for my age!:smiley:

Come on. You KNOW you want to.

Are there still old-school telephone booths around? I don’t seem to see them any more…

Nice vid. I liked your practice setup with the cinder blocks. I guess that’s the way to learn those things.

One small ding: Why measure drop height from the ground to your feet, if you’re not landing on your feet? The measurement should be the height of the drop. We can see it’s a MUni rather than a Trials uni. This makes you a man, and have those skills available to you when you’re out on the trail somewhere!

Yeah it was just a way to gauge how far off the ground I was, actually standing on my uni. The actual height from bottom of tire to ground was about 52". Still pretty up there…for me!:smiley: I want to up that to an even 5 feet on my next big drop!

And yes, there are plenty of phone booths in my area, but they are all about 7 feet high! That would be a pretty big increase in my jump height, so I may re-think that one!:stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone in a position of authority asks what your doing on top of the phone booth, tell them that youv’e dropped your quarter and your looking for it.

I’ll just tell them, "here’s ‘long distance!’ for ya! Haha!

Scout for one w/ a grass or dirt landing.

Edit: one inch over your age :roll_eyes:

Haha, I think 101 inches just too darn high!:smiley: