New Video: "Uni-Geezer: Golden Years"

Riding around the Beach area today with my riding buddy Eric, scouting interesting stuff to hop/drop/gap. Well, today I definitely increased my drop height by a pretty big margin, although it took me many tries to land it. It was pretty scary up there for sure!!! :astonished:

There’s a little “cinder block” gapping after the creds. My current goal is to gap 5’ from flat to flat…on my MUni!:smiley:

Anyway I hope you enjoy this (quickie) Uni-Geezer installment. I hope to make another one soon, which will include a pretty elaborate opening comedy bit!

Please post your comments…they encourage me to keep improving! :slight_smile:


U rock dude… I love how you seem to get totally random people involved in your videos… the chanting and cheering was cool…

Keep it up sir… Yer definately an inspiration to me. I might not be a geezer yet, being only 36… but its often easier to relate to you than to 17 year olds who have no fear… :wink:


yo, nice.

you need a trials uni.

bigger and less shaky gaps can be done on smaller wheels doncha know.

also going up to interveiw ppl you dont know is cool!

and that ups to upd thing was cool

congrats on that fed-ex thingy

Nice video, I haven’t finished watching it yet…but I have a question. Where is this filmed? The kid with the blonde curly hair at 1:58 looks EXACTLY like my friend Pete…so close that I can’t convince myself that it ‘can’t’ be him. I’ll leave you a comment on Youtube after I finish watching.

EDIT: NEVERMIND…i finished watching lol. That can’t be him, or could it be?

He’s got an kh 07 trials uni. Great video Terry, but how do you manage to amass such large, positive audiences? Do you talk to them before hand and is it your great charisma or do they just happen to see you and start cheering?

With all this promotion your giving to Fed Ex mayby UDC will switch over from UPS and we might all get better shipping rates on our purchases (nice job on defacing the UPS sign)

Keep the videos coming I always look forward to the Moday morning show.

Well the first part was filmed in the Torrance, CA area, and the rest was at Hermosa Beach.

Yeah so far I haven’t used my KH trials…it seems I just like doing all my riding on my Muni; offroad and on! :sunglasses: Of course all my drops seem 5"-6" higher due to the larger wheel!

That crowd was pretty small, but LOUD! They all had just come down the stairs (passing by me) from the upper parking garage, so I did ask them to watch me do that stair-gap and respond if they wanted to. Seems there’s always supportive, enthusiastic crowds at the beach!

You rock


Another encouraging display of “can-do” from a proud member of the over 50 crowd!

And…thanks again for all the help and advice you gave me about your KH-24s as I wrestle with my decision. Very much appreciated.


I noticed your not wearing as much gear as usual. =p

Keep on riding!

My thoughts exactly, no helmet??!! Very un-Terry like. But the video and riding were great as usual.

Haha I forgot my helmet that day, so I borrowed Eric’s (white) helmet for the fedex drop and a few others. Since I didn’t expect to do much hardcore stuff when we got to the beach, I left my arm guards in the car and Eric left his helmet in there too.:slight_smile:

No problem Carey. I’m looking forward to hearing about the arrival of your new KH 24!

Your last gapping exercise after the credits reminded me of Stonehenge.

Haha that would be AWESOME to jump off of! :roll_eyes:


i want to find some fedex boxes to jump off of now…those things look like fun!!!
Good job on it…another great vid to watch…

Yeah at least the fedex/ups boxes are stable, unlike the newspaper racks which are waaaay wobbly, and of course much lower!:smiley:
I’m now thinking about jumping off of a telephone booth! At least if I get hurt the phone booth’s right there so I can call 911! :astonished:

:astonished: That’s like 15+ feet! :astonished:

Your getting crazy in your old years!::smiley:

Please don’t get hurt:o

nice interview and cheering.
I think drops are measured from bottom of wheel to ground.

The trick I use for gaps is to lean until my head is halfway there, and then hop. I put a marker on the ground to help guage when I should hop.

Cool video, I cann’t believe you do all that stuff. I just picked up my unicycle last week to start riding again after it sitting for 30 yrs. I did ride about 100’ but after looking at your video I have a long way to go. It was cool seeing places on your video from where I grew up (Torrance, Hermosa, and PV)