New Video: "Uni-Geezer-Certifiable!"

The title is inspired from Munivision’s recent one-word description of my “sanity”…or lack therof!:smiley:

Anyway, this is probably my favorite video in this series so far; there’s some little fun bits, but there’s more riding/stunt variety than of late. I spent lots of time just driving to various locations for each of the different shots.

The people I found during the course of videotaping were more than happy to join the fun! I put a lot into this one so I really hope you enjoy it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Please post a comment and thanks for all your support!

PS: Don’t forget to read the end credits! :roll_eyes:

Nice vid. They’re always enjoyable.

Great video I enjoyed it!:smiley: :smiley: I loved the credits. It is another great one.

that was an awesome video

I love it!
Your Editing gets Better every time. Keep 'em coming:)

have u ever considered being a video editor for a job…because u make a butt load of vids…

Sure, you got any you want me to edit?:smiley: (I really only make about 1 per week…is that a lot?

you probably make more per week than everyone else on here

Well I try to take my vidcam with me whenever I go riding, just in case there’s something fun and interesting to shoot.

I’ll bet tons of other ppl would be making lots of videos if only they, too, videotaped most of their riding. It’s just that for me, I’m already way past my prime so I figure I don’t have the luxury of time, so why not get it on video while I still can.

If I’m oversaturating the forums with too many videos, I’ll stop, but so far ppl seem to enjoy them, which makes me want to keep ‘em comin’!:smiley: Plus, it’s almost like therapy for me; it’s something that I enjoy and it’s creative and challenging, which I like. If all I did was tune pianos and watch TV, life would be pretty dull. I’m grateful to be in pretty good shape for my age, (mostly thanks to Muni!) and be able to ride with some level of vigor and enthusiasm. Ok I’ll stop ranting! :slight_smile:

haha, how do you get people to do that for you?

good set clear in the end too btw.


Thanks. I just ask them with a lot of positive energy! Those three people happened to be watching me from across the street, so I seized the opportunity, ran over and talked them into doing it! They were really good!:smiley:

i love the “credits”

Another great one :sunglasses:
There’s no stopping Uni-Geezer Man!:stuck_out_tongue:

You should team up w/ Brian MacKenzie for his next LBM uni vid!!!

Hmm, not so sure of that! I hurt my tailbone pretty bad last Sunday, and it still hurts quite a bit! Hopefully it will heal but these types of injuries are unpredictable as healing time goes; sometimes the pain gets worse, and in rare cases, the tailbone is actually removed! :astonished:

I’m confident though that I’ll be back to my usual self. I’ll be riding again today for the first time since the fall. I’ll just have to be less agressive than usual as I “test the waters” again.:smiley:

And/or some 661 bomber shorts, or the like.

Any possibility of this?:o

Yeah I should really find something with tailbone protection, you’re right! I’m not sure what LBM is though. :thinking: