New Video: "Uni-Geezer-Certifiable!"

The title is inspired from Munivision’s recent one-word description of my “sanity”…or lack therof!:smiley:

Anyway, this is probably my favorite video in this series so far; there’s some little fun bits, but there’s more riding/stunt variety than of late. I spent lots of time just driving to various locations for each of the different shots.

The people I found during the course of videotaping were more than happy to join the fun! I put a lot into this one so I really hope you enjoy it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Please post a comment and thanks for all your support!

PS: Don’t forget to read the end credits! :roll_eyes:

you are weird. but cool vid.

Really, how? (I hope you mean that in a good way :slight_smile: )But I’m just having a good time and trying to be creative. But, ok.:smiley:

in a good way of course. the whole “look up on the stairs”, “hes crazy”, " hes Uni-geezer"
weird but cool.
and you are creative

Oh that was just a take on the old Superman TV series…you’re waaaay to young to remember that, but it was a HUGE hit on TV back in the mid-late 1950’s. A famous line from the TV show opening was, “Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s SUPERMAN!” Here, have a look:

yeah but I got the reference.

Nice job man! I really enjoy your videos every time.

Nice credits too :smiley:

Nice video… Thanks again…

My son says he loves unigeezer and you should keep making more movies… I heartily agree… :smiley:


LOL, your videos are awsome! There funny, and have riding in at the same time.

hahahaha that was weird in a really good way, the uni-geezer on the stairs part made me laugh!

As always, a great video!!! You should do a can recycling comercial! Hope to see you tommorow at Dana Point!

I’m not sure why you called it certifiable.
Captain Certifiable would be more like it.
On your super suit, there would be a big ©

I like how your videos have some acting in them. Bad acting, perhaps… :slight_smile:
Those films in the 50’s… didnt they often involve cliffhanging

“Certifiable” is commonly used to infer insanity, especially in the phrase, “Certifiably insane”.

Again, some people (munivision) think It’s a bit crazy of me, a 51 year-old guy, to be doing such extreme and not exactly safe stuff on a unicycle! (well, extreme for my age group anyway.) But hell, I love the challenge! The way I look at it, I’ve only just begun! :slight_smile:

Refer to definition number 2, 3 & 4, especially the italicized part of #3

Oh, and I had already thought of making a “superman-like” cape, but the letters would obviously be “UG” (Uni-Geezer), not “C”. :sunglasses:

My mood always brightens when I come to the forum and see a new video posted by the most prolific unicyclist in our midst. Thanks for another entertaining one, Terry!

I envy you your spare time…

It is spring time; life renews. A bouquet of daffodils should be sent your way in return for your voluminous postings and tireless video production.

hehe great stuff! seen a few of your videos always good fun

haha loved it good work man :smiley: I definately think a spandex Uni geezer suit would be worth geting haha the brighter the better :smiley: Keep up the good work!

I love your attention to details, humor and riding skills. (Love the hand on the gate as you went to gear up. :D)

I can also recognize a lot of your videos now by your voice. While randomly watching clips in u-tube, as soon as I hear your voice in the commentary (usually encouraging or congratulating other riders) I know it’s another production by Terry.

You really should compile a lot of these into a feature film.

Hello Terry,
This is a another great video. You have really mastered the video, making it look so slick.

That was some stair jump at the end! You really are Super!

I wish I could get ready that fast :frowning: