New Video: Uni-Geezer: "Back in the saddle"

Haha that’s a good one! :):D:p

Yeah actually it was only 9 pins, but I did get it on my first throw; I tried again for a strike but the second (and last for fear of being seen by management! :astonished: ) was just the opposite…I only knocked ONE down!:frowning:

I found out real quick just how hard it is to bowl while riding a unicycle, lugging a 16 lb bowling ball, and swinging it back and forth. It really took all I had to stay on, especially when I let the ball go; the instant change in weight almost threw me off! Looked much easier than it was for sure!

haha, that would be cool indeed! We could get a whole team together on trials unis, with plastic peds as you say. I’ll bet we could easily get permission, especially if we tied it in with free newspaper/TV publicity for the particular bowling alley!:slight_smile:

I wish you had the greeter on film… that would have been great to see.

“Line 1 holding for sporting goods.”
Somebody obviously wanted to buy the unicycle you were testing. :wink:

Watching the bowling alley scene, I’m thinking, ok… he is not going to bowl. OMGosh… he IS :D!! Should be extra points for that!

$19.95 for pancakes and a milkshake? Um … I hope you got your money’s worth of maple syrup!! :slight_smile:

Haha actually, you can see the greeter just before he welcomes me! Yeah that would’ve been funny to actually see him greet me, but at least you can hear him.:smiley: