New Video: Uni-Geezer: "Back in the saddle"

It’s been a while since my last video due to a badly bruised tailbone, but I just couldn’t wait to get “back in the saddle!” I’m basically testing the waters (but not falling in like last time! :astonished: ) so my riding is a little tamer than usual. Every hop/drop caused some pain, but I still went for it!:stuck_out_tongue:

The main thing is that I’m not going to let my [advancing] old age hold me back! :smiley: On the contrary, I will strive to improve everyday (with the great advice and encouragement from everybody here!) because I want to be doing this well into my 70’s and even 80’s! With that in mind I’ve really only just begun! :sunglasses:

I always like doing new and different stuff in my vids, and so in this one there’s one segment in particular that I had a blast doing, (Who knows, it may just spark a new Uni-sport!) plus a few other fun bits. After the creds there’s also a sequence of my uni-ride through Walmart!

I hope you enjoy this installment and post a comment. Thanks everybody and to my friend Jim (Munivision), get well soon! :slight_smile:


You gotta love Walmart. They probably thought that you were the express price checker only instead of roller blades you were using a Unicycle.

Also: Send regards to Jim for a speedy recovery

I like all of your videos. That Wal-Mart part was hillarious.

loved all the "wow"s at wallmart! and well done at the bowling alley!

Nice, I like the music. I always thought that would be an awesome song to use in a unicycle video. :smiley:

And lol that was cool riding through Wal-Mart. :smiley:

wow… I am surprised that no one said anything in the Walmart.

I couldn’t imagine getting past the front door here…

Nice riding… those were some pretty nice drops for still being in pain from an injury…

Keep at it sir!

And ya know… with some practice, plastic pedals, and a promotional angle, I bet some bowling alley owner would go for some unicycle bowling…


I went into a walmart once with my uni in a shopping cart and one guy who worked there at the door wanted to see me ride it so i got on and idled and rode in a circle then someone else came up and yelled at me instantly.

Ahaha, the Walmart part was awesome. Nice video. How did you get the angle where the camera was down beside the tire? Did you just hold it down at your side?

i got kiked out of king soopers…your way too lucky…
but still thats friggin awesome…and you know wat they say about walmart…they always have good deals!!

You’re doing great!

The snake scene was a blast.


Nice Wal-Mart ride!


“king soopers?” Is that like walmart? Haven’t heard of that one. Yeah the funny thing was that the greeter welcomed me just the same as if I’d walked in like everybody else!

I was really surprised 'cause I went down almost EVERY lane up and down and then out, with absolutley NO employees even noticing me! Only a few kids could be heard saying “wow!” :smiley:

Same thing with the bowling alley! Not a peep except some elderly bowlers wondering if I was filming for tv!

Fun video as always.
I like the intro. The snake…
Did you have a camera guy on this one?
walmart… I see a trend here :slight_smile:
Filmed today?? Don’t you ever work?

Well I had a guy film me so I could grab the snake, but everything else was tripod. Only the bowling scene was shot today. Took less than an hour from start to finish so Didn’t really interfere with work. I guess I’m just really active and fit a lot into each day sometimes!:slight_smile:

Oh, and I think someone asked how I got the low angles in walmart, then my facial reaction shots in the same scene; I held the camera upside down by the tripod legs for the “pov” wheel shots, the swung it right-side up for my comments, then “flipped” the POV shots 180 degrees in editing.

hah! that walmart part was amazing! My walmart doesnt even let you carry skateboards inside. Hope your tail bone snickers feels better soon. cant wait for another one!

What amazes me is you can film and turn around an edited video so fast.

Re walmart - cool filming technique!

I liked the snake scene too.

Another great segment. I am more and more convinced that being a “geezer” unicyclist some how makes it O.K. for you to ride in places that the kids will get thrown out of. Maybe they think that you are from one of the local nursing homes and it is your day out for socializing. Good job and glad that you’re, “Back in the Saddle again”

How many times did it take you to get that strike? Be honest now.

haha nice. that wall- mart looks familiar, where is it?

I don’t think he got a strike…i think it was 9 pins.

…and thats really impressive. I really enjoyed the Wal-Mart part. I don’t think I could get away with that. Maybe if I throw on a name-tag and pretend I work there.