New Video: Uni-Geezer 5: "Lucky Seven"

Well, maybe I should have called it, (Un)lucky seven! I wasn’t in my best form today due to spraining my ankle (not wearing my regular high-tops today :astonished: ) and losing a pedal! (“slipped” right off the spindle during a drop!) But being the crazy person I am I decided to go for it and try my next challenge…the 7-set! I had LOTS of bails leading up to my final, semi-successful jump.

This set is a bit longer than usual as the steps have about 2" more depth each, so it’s almost like an 8 set! Plus the total height from the top to the landing area is a bit lower, so less air time to clear the set!

Please post your comments and I hope you enjoy; it’s a rather short installment at about 2 1/2 minutes. :slight_smile:

Cheers to the old farts! :sunglasses:


That link’s not working. Well, it works, but the video doesn’t show. It says it’s still being processed. And has been for the last 2 hours now.

It is weird, I watched it a few hours ago and it worked fine and now its saying it is being processed…youtube has some problems.

Nice set Terry, that looks huge.

Its not working for me either :frowning:

Still not available.

yay the link works now, those stairs look realy long, good job

I was looking at an 8 set just down the road at a church, and the total length outward seemed a bit shorter than the 7-set in this video, but the 8-set was definitely higher, so I could imaging landing that one maybe easier than the somehwhat longer, shorter 7-set. Gotta wait for my ankle to heal first because that a serious set! :sunglasses: I mean less than a month ago I was only doing 4-sets, so maybe I’m trying to progress too fast!

Love watching your videos. Your going big now! My biggest set is still only 6 :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda funny considering I have doubleflipped a 5. Keep up the good work, I know you can land the 8.


Way to nail that seven set, Terry. You’re going to be giving Kevin McMullin a run for his money soon. You’re getting better than me. That annoys me. I’ll have to send some thugs down there to deliver a “message” to you.

wicked cool vid, bro! HE HE! skateboards are so funny!! and so are the ones who ride them…

can you use google video instead? at least then i can download your movies cause youtube is crap on my computer. if you need an invite just pm me your email address.

Yeah there’s already a google option on the alternate thread:New Video: Uni-geezer 5: "Lucky 7" (New working Link)

All 5 geezer vids are now up on my gallery as well:D

Careful what you call it, lucky seven is a popular brand of cigarettes in Japan, aswell as a fictional terrorist group in the movie Battle Royale 2. But seriously I just wanted to give the people who hate Koxx unis because they are named after strains of MJ seeds.

Good job on the stairs, I would advise getting a bit better at your rolling hops though, because from your video we can see that you aren’t really jumping so much as rolling off them enough to clear them. For anything 6 stairs or above it will be alot harder to roll them, and you are putting yourself at speeds that become pretty dangerous with that level of a drop, I would advise putting much more jump into it and going for it a bit more slowly.

Too bad about your pedals, what kind were they?

edit: Wow those all seem almost like non sequitors to me…

Yeah I noticed that too, how you dont really jump. Im telling you if you start to jump higher you’ll be able to get 2+ stairs fairly easy.

Yeah I hear ya. I usually get a bit more height on my rolling hops, but my ankle was hurting so I couldn’t compress and jump up as much. Maybe 2-3 more inches up is all I really would have needed, and I would have been fine. I plan to go back and nail it soon, and I also have my eye on a killer 8-set! This one is HIGH and SCARY, but that won’t stop me! :sunglasses: :):p:D

Yeah they are those super thin Atom Lab “Aircorp” pedals with bushings instead of bearings. I came to LOVE these pedals as I felt very stable on them and so on, until the left pedal slipped right off the spindle…twice! It has a little retaining clip and apparently when I took the pedals apart to clean and re-grease them, I weakened the clip(s) while reinstalling them. So today I squeezed them down really good and they seem good to go. a pic of the pedals is below:


“2+ stairs?” Haha! But I have to respectfully disagree. I do indeed “jump” when I get to the launch point. I stop pedalling and push off, with my pedals parallel and stationary. Yeah my speed helps me, but if I didn’t push up and out at all, I wouldn’t even clear 3 stairs.

But yeah, if you go back and look at the 6-set on down to the 4-set, you can plainly see that yes, I do definitley jump and roll-hop off the sets. I agree though that going too fast on the 7-set didn’t give me enough “time” to compress and jump up at the last second. I will need to slow down and jump up more. Thanks for all the help!:slight_smile:

PS: Miles had some interesting advice for me. He said to help me get more height, I should try to “tire grab” just after launching! I guess this would “force” me to go higher and get the wheel out in front of me more. I’ll have to try that!

That is a great piece of advice, I was actualy trying to think of a way to describe that position, it really does add alot more height to your jump. Another way to look at it is almost like you are trying to jump up a stair for every four you are going down (rounding up). So if you are going down an 7 set you want to try and jump about as high as a small two set.