New Video: Uni-geezer 5: "Lucky 7" (New working Link)

(This link works for sure!:))

Well, maybe I should have called it, (Un)lucky seven! I wasn’t in my best form today due to spraining my ankle (not wearing my regular high-tops today :astonished: ) and losing a pedal! (“slipped” right off the spindle during a drop!) But being the crazy person I am I decided to go for it and try my next challenge…the 7-set! I had LOTS of bails leading up to my final, semi-successful jump.

This set is a bit longer than usual as the steps have about 2" more depth each, so it’s almost like an 8 set! Plus the total height from the top to the landing area is a bit lower, so less air time to clear the set!

Please post your comments and I hope you enjoy; it’s a rather short installment at about 2 1/2 minutes. :slight_smile:

Cheers to the old farts! :sunglasses:


Just another typical day for a man in his 50’s.:smiley:

Keep up the good work and the videos. I really enjoy watching them. It has been great watching your progress through out this past year.

Did you have a custom saddle built to make room for your large b#$%s? :astonished:

Anyway, great work, I look forward to the next showing. You are an inspiration to this spring chicken.

wow your really improving

I laughed at the begining, it was funny lol

Congrats on the 7 set. I haven’t even done more then a 4 yet because its been way to cold to go riding.

Keep it up

Its never too cold.

Nice video, great job.

That very first stack looked painful, I wanna see you try 8!:smiley:

nice video its pretty good that your still very active and the 7 set was really good keep it up


hi i think thats realy cool vid wish i could do 7 set.can just about do 3 but hopefully it will come to me sometime.