New Video: Uni-geezer 5: "Lucky 7" (New working Link)

I’m really sorry (again) about the first, messed up link! This is the second time I’ve had this problem with youtube; first it’s on, then it’s not. So I put it on Google and it seems to work fine, plus you can now download it! Again, sorry for the screw-up. (If you read this Gilby, maybe you could delete the original post of the same title?)

Anyway here’s the description for those who maybe didn’t read it yet:

Well, maybe I should have called it, (Un)lucky seven! I wasn’t in my best form today due to spraining my ankle (not wearing my regular high-tops today :astonished: ) and losing a pedal! (“slipped” right off the spindle during a drop!) But being the crazy person I am I decided to go for it and try my next challenge…the 7-set! I had LOTS of bails leading up to my final, semi-successful jump.

This set is a bit longer than usual as the steps have about 2" more depth each, so it’s almost like an 8 set! Plus the total height from the top to the landing area is a bit lower, so less air time to clear the set!

Please post your comments and I hope you enjoy; it’s a rather short installment at about 2 1/2 minutes. :slight_smile:

Cheers to the old farts! :sunglasses:


ouch some of those attemps looked pretty painful you should go for less speed more air:)

Actually I wasn’t hurt. I had the full “compliment” of protective gear on.:slight_smile: But your suggestion is well taken, but I was having difficulty launching “upward” alot because my ankle was still hurting from a previous sprain…yeah I know I really shouldn’t have even been doing the jumps-or anything harsh-until it gets better, but I couldn’t wait!:smiley:

I agree thought, go less speed and how harder.

Haha fair play if at first you don’t succeed try it again with more speed until you do it (or total yourself so bad you get impressive injuries).
Is it just me or when trying jumping stair sets do you try and clear them first go or purposly land on the stairs to see how it feels, i’m sure this is wrong and is probably just asking for a pinch flat.

Just another typical day for a man in his 50’s :smiley:

Great job. You know, no one has ever jumped over the Snake River Canyon on a unicycle before. Is this all training for the greatest of jumps? Evel Knievel will have nothing on you if you go for that.

Did you have a custom saddle build to make room for your extra large b$#^s? :astonished:

Continue showing those young whipper snappers that people in their 50’s are really cool. Keep up the good work. You are a real inspiration to this spring chicken.

Keep your speed, but practice whipping the tire up in front of you more. That will give you the extra distance you need to clear that 7, and the 8. =p

great vid terry, were you seriously hitting that with a sprained ankle?!?!? thats impressive.

I’ve done that before in muni:D I purposely won’t land right. for some reason it gives me more confidents the second time:p

Yeah it was still sprained from an earlier attempt and I think that’s what kept me from jumping higher at the launch point. I’m going to try going a bit slower so I’ll also have more time to compress the tire and spring UP at the last second…if I’m going really fast I don’t have enough time to do that.:smiley:

I’ve done that before in muni:D I purposely won’t land right. for some reason it gives me more confidents the second time:p

hahah man that very opening scene had me laughing so hard hahaha ahhh that shit was funny…it was a good video I liked it…so you live in SoCal huh where at?..maybe we can go riding sometime.

Yeah sure that would be great! I live in the Torrance area, and my sister lives is Riverside so I know that area pretty well. Do you ride MUni at all? if not street/trials is cool too.

nice job. I like how your videos are like a soap opera of personal challenges. I’m waiting for the next episode…

Excellent. I just watched a couple of others on google. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do some of the stuff my son does now that I’m 50! Gonna practice more. Hope to see you in Moab.

well I would really like to get into Muni because it seems intense and looks like it would get your heart racing but as of now I only got a trials unicycle…haha and once again you and your crazy antics make me laugh so much ahhh damn your videos are great well if you are ever going to be down here just message me on here or something ok…and if I am ever going to be down there I will give you a heads up.

Ok will do! Where do you usually ride in Riverside?

Yeah I hope to see you all at Moab! And I believe since “life begins at 40”, that we’re just getting started!:smiley: Now the FUN begins…yeah!

I don’t know how much further I can take things, but I’ll figure something out!

No I was always trying to clear them, but I just wasn’t getting the height I needed due to my ankle injury. I’m gonna go back and practice my rolling hops before I hit the sets again.

I think maybe all my upd’s have impaired my judgement; I must be totally nuts! At least that’s what I think to myself when I actually see myself doing this crazy stuff!:wink:

I’m just waiting for uni geezer 12: Muniaddict kills himself on a fourteen set

quote=koebwil]I’m just waiting for uni geezer 12: Muniaddict kills himself on a fourteen set

There’s NO WAY I would EVER try a 14-set…no way! I will draw the line at 13;). And only if they’re about 3" tall/long each!:stuck_out_tongue:

ummm usually in Orange Crest and Wood Crest because thats the Area I live in, but I also go to Jurupa Skate Park and Hunt Skate Park…I still haven’t rode in downtown, but everytime I am down there I see some badass stuff and I need to find a day where I can explore it…Do any of these places sound familiar?

Yeah I rode one day at that Jurupa skatepark! But yeah I like just riding where there’s lots of stuff. Plain old street riding is fun with all the obstacles you find.

yeah riding around randomly leads you to random stuff that is always great to ride…