New Video: Uni-Geezer 4: "Reaching New Heights"

This is my favorite “Geezer” vid so far! In part due to some nice people who provide some fun little bits here & there. I think there’s one part you’ll find really hilarious! :slight_smile:

Also a new personal best for me by landing my first 6-Set! :smiley:
I gotta tell ya, I HATE heights so this was pretty scary for me, and took me a while just to talk myself into going for it! Yeah, I know that I didn’t launch up really high (because the way I saw things, I was already high enough off the ground as it was!) so I launched up a few inches, and out almost 7 feet, to clear all 6 stairs! To me that’s what counts; Clearing them! Yeah baby, yeah!:smiley: (I may just try a “lucky 7” set since I cleared the 6-er by a pretty good margin!)

What’s also cool is that I actually got a guy to run behind me and videotape me, while I bombed some cool Muni singletrack! (You can hear him running!:p)

I wanted to edit some more, but movie maker kept FREEZING almost every time I made a single new edit! Very frustrating! So I hope you all enjoy this video and I look forward to reading your comments! Thanks! :slight_smile:

**PS: The few subtitles are mostly for the benefit of my non-unicycling friends and relatives.

**PS #2: The old gentleman (Michaelangelo) who introduces the video is only 10 years older than me! :astonished:


waiting for it to upload

That really pisses me off about youtube! I waited almost 30 minutes for it to preocess, then I JUST checked it before I posted it, and it was up and playing…but then a minute later, it was back to “Still processing!!!” I hate that! Sorry,:frowning: Please check back in a few minutes.:slight_smile:

thank you allmighty MuniAddict for the cyber-unicycling pleasure:D
the uni-guitar and RC jump added a bit of flavour, thought i heard rim on the stair jump.

wow that really good makes me want to do a 180 jumping a 5 set a uni club tommorow!

Lovely! That was pretty good on the 6 stair, keep it up! Are you going Moab?

I was hoping for some POV shots?

Nice 6er.
Did your girl really dump you?

Ha nice. I liked that valentines thing, you were telling us that story at the skatepark.

Yeah I’m definitely going, but it would be great if I could carpool with somebody! No “Moab-bound” uni-ers seem to live near me though; I’m in the Los Angeles area. I’m planning on getting there on Thursday evening so I can be fresh for the first ride Friday! I’m going to reserve a hotel in the main town. :smiley:

PS: For some weird reason the video keeps “re-processing” at youtube and I DON’T know why!!! I’m uploading a backup copy and if the first one doesn’t fix itself, I’ll bump the thread with the alternate link later. Sorry about that!

New Link works!

Sorry about that original youtube link. Turns out Moviemaker didn’t save my wmv properly, so Youtube kept “reprocessing” it, and for many of you the video wouldn’t load. :astonished: But still more than 23 pp were able to view it initially.

So please use the new link below and post your comments because I really enjoy reading them, and I’ll be glad to answer any question you might have. Thanks everyone!:slight_smile:

New Link:

Good stuff!

Terrific video. Really enjoy watching your progress. I like what you did with the valentine balloon. It seems like a fitting end to that part of your life.
Keep up the good work.

ahaha thats an awesome video :smiley:

I did the valentines thing with a filled up water bottle it exploded and squirted my mate it was funny LOL

nice tricks and all well done!

haha…really cool video! I couldn’t hear the sound, though, as I watched it in math class (I’m such a bad student)…

awesome video, are you going to get a trials unicycle anytime soon?

Yeah, way to thank me for my hard work, old man.

^^ Same here. That is mostly due though to the fact that all of the sets within 40 minutes (riding my trials) of my house are about 2 1/2 feet wide:(

Yo that wasn’t you in that vid, it was a mtb-er that did it! I accidentally erased the footage we shot from a couple week ago. I wouldn’t forget to give you credit, but in this case, it was the mtb-er. :smiley:

I have a summit trials, but I’m trying to do everything on my Muni since I ride that most. I’m working a “Muni-spin” and then there’s this waaaay long and steep 150+ stairset that I want to try hopping up without a break!
Then sometime this or next week, I’m definitely going for a 7-set!!! :astonished: I just feel that I can land it, but that’s prolly where I’m gonna draw the proverbial line! :smiley:

I think you’re right about the rim! On one of those jumps I had a pinch flat!

I couldn’t do the POV 'cause I haven’t been able to get the setup stable enough yet, and the added weight makes it tough.

Okay, gotcha. :smiley: