New Video: Uni-Geezer 4: "Reaching New Heights" (Good Link)

This is my favorite “Geezer” vid so far! In part due to some nice people who provide some fun little bits here & there. I think there’s one part you’ll find really hilarious! :slight_smile:

Also a new personal best for me by landing my first 6-Set! :smiley:
I gotta tell ya, I HATE heights so this was pretty scary for me, and took me a while just to talk myself into going for it! Yeah, I know that I didn’t launch up really high (because the way I saw things, I was already high enough off the ground as it was!) so I launched up a few inches, and out almost 7 feet, to clear all 6 stairs! To me that’s what counts; Clearing them! Yeah baby, yeah!:smiley: (I may just try a “lucky 7” set since I cleared the 6-er by a pretty good margin!)

What’s also cool is that I actually got a guy to run behind me and videotape me, while I bombed some cool Muni singletrack! (You can hear him running!:p)

I wanted to edit some more, but movie maker kept FREEZING almost every time I made a single new edit! Very frustrating! So I hope you all enjoy this video and I look forward to reading your comments! Thanks! :slight_smile:

**PS: The few subtitles are mostly for the benefit of my non-unicycling friends and relatives.

**PS #2: The old gentleman (Michaelangelo) who introduces the video is only 10 years older than me! :astonished:


very nice!
the man in the beginning looks a lot more older than your age+10

I don’t belive in luck and from the conlcusion of a extreamly scientific disscussion between my friends and I over a game of pool we have decided unconditonally that luck does not have anything to do with it and it is undoubtadbly, a blessed 7.:wink:

Just thought I’d straigten that out. :smiley:

P.S. I love the kid in the beginning…old fart productions hahahah…hahahahahhahahah

Edit: Good choice on music.

What you using, Windows Movie Faker?

Yeah I need to really get into better editing software, but I’ve been so spoiled 'cause MM is so easy. But yesterday was the breaking point!:frowning: It got to the point where as soon as I opened the program it would just shut down! I know it’s not my laptop 'cause everthing else runs perfect, and it’s virus free. Iwent to so message boards and turns out it’s a common problem with no definitive fix. The more “clips”, transitions, and effects you use, the more problems occur.

wow! I need to get my dad doing that.
good music, good riding

How old is Dad? Based on your age, I’m guessing he’s younger than me?


THE funniest part, I think was the uni-guitar. Reminds me of your “Duelling Munis” vid. But as a whole, the funniest of ALL your videos.

I don’t think I would have been that trusting of “some random guy.” Was he really random or did you already know him?

Random, but seemed like a nice guy. I showed him how to use the camera and hoped he wouldn’t drop it…luckily he didn’t and he did a good job overall!

He’s a few older than you but not nearly in as good of shape. Also a smoker, despite my efforts.

good job geting better. ride sat.2-17 ?:smiley:

That’s possible but I have work 'till about 1pm, so a later start like maybe 3pm would be good. Only thing is I’m getting bored with Lynx/rockit, etc. There is another trail there called “5-oaks” which is a killer DH that spills into the canyon and then there’s some other cool trails down there, so maybe those, but I’m burnt on the usual stuff there.

Here’s a look at it:

that was one of your best movies yet. your progressing extremely fast, and concurring things I haven’t even tried:o I look forward to your next vid

One word AWSOME that is a great vid , I just wish I was that good. I better get to practice when the weather warms up a bit.:slight_smile: I watched all the vids, but this one is the best great job.

Hey, where has Perry gone? Havn’t seen him in one of your videos for a while.

He was “home schooling” for a while, then re-registered for school, so i guess he’s had to play 'catch up" and stuff. He also doesn’t really ride MUni anymore, as he seemingly lost interest.

When I asked him recently if he still rides at all, he said he hasn’t had much free time. Yeah I hope he gets back into it because he was doing so well and learning very fast!

supercool man: :smiley: me likey-likey. well done on the 6set.

nice work on getting the 6 set

I agree with the others. Great riding! By the way, which unicycle was it that you rode in the two static jumps in the beginning of the video?