NEw Video: Uni Geezer: "36 in 36 on a 36er!"

The title refers to me trying to hop up 36 stairs, in 36 seconds, on my 36er! (Actually I did it in 32 secs!:p) That had to be the hardest thing I’ve done yet!

The stairs were so narrow that if I was just a tad too forward or backward I’d either go off the stairs, or hit the hand rail behind me! :astonished:

Also some other 36er stuff like hopping some stair sets… not wanting to risk rim damage I decided I’d better not try anthing too big, like a 6 set, lol!

Oh, and one thing I discovered today…it’s really really hard to go down stairs backwards on a 36er, let alone backwards on flat, level ground! If you fall it tends to shoot out from under you like a watermelon seed and becomes a runaway train! Glad nobody was in its path lol! 'twas all fun! :smiley:

That was great, Terry! I can’t even do that on my 24 yet.

What size cranks did you have on there? Looked like 170’s?

It was good riding…but I don’t know it’s just laking the uni-geeizr charm to it.

Watching that makes me not wanna wait on my 36er to get here. I can’t wait. Nice video. Awesome job on the stairs, i’m sure that took alot out of ya!

sweet… that was really good.

That doesn’t look just hard to do

It looks really hard period. It makes running up stairs look restful. I liked the other tricks as well.
I got an idea watching you jump down the stairs. Maybe you could set up the camera to do a closeup slow mo of the wheel as you are landing. Not so much for entertainment, but to see how much the rim or spokes are bending. To sorta get an idea how much stress, sets, the wheel might take.
Anyway, thanks for the vid.:slight_smile:

Another great one Terry. Ordered my Nimbus Deluxe 36er yesterday, hopefully have it in a couple of weeks.


Terry, you make me ashamed to be 35. I usually take a cigarette break halfway up those stairs. Thats was just very cool to see, and very damaging reason for me to spend for another uni next month after seeing that-- I am thinking … “Can I afford a 36” that want?" You are fun to watch as always.


I usually use 152’s for offroad and for tricks and stuff, but in this video I thought I’d try my new 165mm alum. sugino cranks. Length-wise, they don’t seem much different for hopping and stuff than the steel 152’s, but they are definitely lighter.:smiley:

Yeah that’s a good idea! I’ll try that next vid. :sunglasses:

Glad to hear you can still get the deluxe…did you order it from UDC US? It’s not on their website as of this posting; only the steel-rimmed version. :astonished:

woo hoo geezer!

ur a friggin beast!!

Geez, maybe I should just give up, now…:stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know 36ers could do that.

haha I didn’t either 'till I tried lol! I think really, it’s just that i’m CRAZY! :roll_eyes: Next I want to try a crank flip and a “coker-spin!” (Yeah, right…dream on old man!):slight_smile:

I think you could do the crank flip if you had 9000mm cranks for that extra pinch of torque :wink:
I feel like the “coker-spin” seems possible, albeit extremely difficult…

And scary, because the tire’s several inches higher than my inseam, so if I miss or abort, I’d nut myself on the tire, no question! OUCH! :astonished: I guess before I attempt it I’ll put on a cup!:o

Geez. Better than I can do on my 20".

Who were the little kids?

They were just watching. I had to ask one of them to be careful not to bump my camera, they were all kinda running around.:smiley: