NEW VIDEO: "Trials & Errors"

I like that title! Anyway we shot this vid wednesday with me and 2 local riding friends trying…and trying… and still trying to ride railroad track skinnies! It’s not easy I tells ya!:stuck_out_tongue: So much to learn but so little time! (At least for me!;))

Mostly just riding around and having fun! The “UPD of the day” is pretty good, with a few other ones in there too. The music by “Slipnot” was provided by David. It’s pretty slammin’! :slight_smile:

Skinny Link:

i believe ythat titles been taken though

Oh well, too late!

Probably, yeah.

In any case, that was yet another cool, casual vid, Terry. Me gusta.

Nice! I want to come out and play too!

Well come right ahead! We’re going to Ojai in just a while…I think! And I’ll be riding all weekend. Come on out Sunday and we’ll do “Devil’s slide”! Guaranteed this wil be hands down the most awsome technical you’ve ever done! And it’s an easy shuttle! You only live once, so get on out here dooood! :smiley:

cool. but too much of one thing… riding on the railroad tracks…

but other than that is was pretty entertaining…

Yeah, I thought the same thing! :smiley:

That was good…who did the tire grab? Was that you Terry?

To keep up with the current trend, I guess I’ll have to work on those next time I go riding…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that was me.:smiley:

Okay, I have a question about tire grabs, how do you do them without squashing your nuts? Every time I lean forward, I suddenly start talking in a high pitched voice. Bike shorts?

HA! Yeah, bike shorts are a good idea, plus when I reach down to grab the tire, I’m also pushing down on it as I hold it, which takes some pressure off the seat area. And remember to make sure that your “boys” are not under you, but rather in front, out of harms way!:smiley:

I tried them earlier today, but they’re hard…I can’t do them

I just did it again today, but this time I swung my feet out way farther! Here’s a short 4 mb vid from today:

I know you can do it too! just like anything else, it takes practice. You will get it! Keep trying.:smiley:

I just lose at working up the willpower to take my feet off…:frowning:

I tried more yesterday, and I got a biiiit better at it…but not much…I can kinda twitch my feet off and then back on now.