New Video: Tracks


I finally finished my video called Tracks.

Running time is 15min and its a 60MB .wmv file.
Just right click on the link and “Save Link as …”

Direct Videolink:

cu werner

Thats one of the most entertaining video’s I’ve seen for a while, something you can easily just sit down & watch. Shows that the greatest riding doesn’t have to be the most entertaining, and the exotic locations definitely made for more interesting lines! I loved the credits as well, some of the best I’ve seen on any video.


Yeah, really nice everything…a fantastic movie! Another addition to the list for sure. To repeat what’s already been said, those credits really were great…very clever editing all round.


Great vid. varied, decent riding, it’s long, and great locations. A lot of the muni looks like what I do, just going out and riding.

My sentiments exactly… just so satisfying to sit down and watch clip after clip of fine riding… and the credits were the best I’ve ever seen on any film. Thanks very much!


hi again,

thx for your comments - the comments were also big fun to make. technical they are rather simple. one long composition in aftereffects with all the stuff and then its just a simple scroll…

@fuego: you were exactly right - we just go out and try new downhills or lines. it’s just so much fun to try new lines :slight_smile:

cu werner

It’s cool to see someone put a bit of work into the editing part of the video. I found myself wanting to see some new camera angles after awhile, but that was really well put together. this sort of more refined thing is what I’m looking for when I finally get around to filming myself.

awesome work man!


Great music and nice footage. Thanks. As everyone seems to agree, the credits were the best and most interesting yet.

A great video.

I loved the fact that you had a load of varied locations and that the fun aspect of unicycling shone through.

I also agree with everyone that the credits (and the location labels) were excellent. You say that it was simple to do, but it seems that you did it before anyone else and that makes it creative.
The style was as good as the end credits on any hollywood film that I’ve seen recently.

I think I’ll go watch it again :slight_smile:


Sweet video, I especially like the diverse music, no normal music is great. The editing quality as well as video was also amazing, all in all I loved it allot.

very cool video!

i loved the editing - very creative stuff…

i watched the whole thing while i was eating my lunch - definately made my lunch a meal to remember :wink:

Johnny from guitars101

best video i have ever seen!

thank you so much for making it. every clip i pictured myself riding right there with you, that is what a good vido should do!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pretty good for being three years old.

:slight_smile: only noticed that after you posted, and had watched the video already.

Great video though. Would love to see more like that.

…great vid!! (maybe a little long) awsome credits… with “helden” in japanese…fantastic… probs to you!

great movie Mux.
the shots in the movie were really amazing.
i loved the exotic locations.
wish i was there riding along side with you.
Yoni from

the filming was really awesome, footage looked like to be old (fluck 2005)
i didn’t find the editing as awesome as other people… (ie the first song changement was a bit too quick for me)
and the video is really long and a bit repetitive
but you did a great work on it

– bobousse