New video: "The catch of the day"

It’s all about the cool creature I caught today while riding MUni on our local trail…no actual unicycling, but uni-related 'cause we were riding right up to the time this vid was shot. Only 35 seconds long.:smiley:

PS: Already got a nice snake habitat hooked up from the local reptile store. I plan to keep him maybe a few months then release him back into the wild where I found him. (They help kep the rattlesnake population down.)Within the hour of me catching him he chowed down a good size mouse so he’s healthy & happy and seemingly not too stressed.

The last snake I caught, I kept for awhile, but then it escaped and I assume it found a way out of the house. :astonished:

Awesome. =p

I want a little pet snake now.

The only snake I met was a particularly large garter snake that bit through two of my nails on my foot and down. I was just about to dive head first into a pond, and did a wicked belly flop.

It really sucked.
My two nails (my thumb and next one) still have a weird crater in em!

That’s weird because garter and other small non-venomous snakes don’t have fangs or particularly long teeth to be able to cause that much tissue injury, but larger non-venomous snakes like pythons and boas can have pretty penetrating, deep and painful bites. :astonished:

Not even sure if it was a garter snake. It was so long ago that I don’t even remember it.

It could have been…ive kept them as pets in the past and if they have good reason to bite you it can deliver quite a bit of pain and leave some tissue damage…Thye have somewhat of a sandpaper on their mouths rather than traditional teeth…Its needed seeing as they comsume their prey live and squirmy.

That’s a cool snake. We see those incidentally here in Arizona. My recollection from looking at the field guide is that cenral AZ is at the edge of their range. I used to keep snakes that I’d catch when I was a kid, much to my mothers chagrin. The coolest one was a 6’ bull snake (corn snake, rat snake, gopher snake in other parts of the country). I used to catch rattlesnakes by hand too but never kept one (never told Mom about that. She woulda really flipped out). The potential for hazardous outcome if one ever escaped was too high. I pretty much leave 'em alone anymore.

I’ve heard the reason their bytes can be so painfull, and do so much damage, is their teeth have a lot of bacteria on them causing an infection.

Last 2 snakes I caught were Rattle snake :D. One at spencers house, and another we had for a while we found down at the aquaduct, kept him in a lil jar in my garage for a while lol.