New video: Sunday

Hey guys,

We made this yesterday. Riding by me. Filming and editing by Ed (edsbelly). Mostly street. I think it’s pretty good.

High res:

Low res:

Hope you like it!

ps. Ed I really like the editing. You’re better at editing than me for sure. Thanks for uploding it aswell. Why didnt you put in that combo with the blocks?

awesome video, there’s a bunch of good moves in there.

Good movie. Very nice sets done. I didn’t like the copy moves but still good. 5 set out flip, 3 set fakieflip, both really good. Editing though was interesting.

-Shaun Johanneson

hi res
low res

you’re welcome!

Thanks! What do you mean by “copy moves”? Do you mean the stuff that was repeted?

nice video i liked it

the outflip down the set was very nice

i dig it

wow dude u just keep getting better. keep it up

That was really good :astonished:

Ah, so we shouldn’t do tricks if we didn’t invent them?

nice video, if only i was good like that

dude no if u do ohter pplz tricks ur a poser lol!!1!

That was great Luke…I’m definitely envious of you.

I liked the really slow body varial type thing (not sure what to call it) on that skatepark ramp.

And I liked the editing fadeouts, those were pretty cool.

that was awesome. I’m still trying to do the 180 thing:)

nice 360’s and revs.

I love your seat clamp, It’s so flashy:)

You can do everything I want to learn!

And the unicycle I want.


nice video

that was a really aweomse video man… good job all around… smooooth as butter


Another awsome vid! :smiley:

Yeah, loved the movie :stuck_out_tongue:

It looked heaps better in life though!

Sorry that I didnt put in that combo, I could have sworn that I did.

It was my first time editing to music, so cut me some slack :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazingly smooth stuff down those stairs, especially the crankflip. You caught it at such a good moment that the landing looked like you just dropped down the set, without a crankflip (as in, not wobbly from having to move your feet across the pedals)

Once again excellent riding on Sunday Luke but Ed where is the awesome bail??? :astonished: It was like sweet as. Oh well but yeh all of it looked way better inn real life. Can’t wait till I learn all that stuff. I promise I will be grinding the small rail nxt time for ya luke. Just so you can be proud of me:D
Well Done little goose, lol