new video Street/Trials

Hey I made a new video today at my local skatepark…yes I know the music is what Ryan Atkins used in one of his movies before but it went well with this I thought…Hope you like it…


You’re welcome for wathcing;)

That was actually much better than I expected. Try to film closer shots though.

thnaks…i will try that next time i make a movie.

Download link:

How long have you been riding?

Well Done!!!
Unusually well made for your riding level.

A few were really far out. Most namely the distance shots at the quarter pipe. I’d suggest half the distance. A bunch of others could have been a bit closer.

ive been riding for 9 months…thanks


How is the grass doing in you yard after you were out beating it into the dirt? I think that I realy need to get around to unispins too but I use the same excuse that you gave in the video. Well done!

if you know of a song that has been used for another rider don’t use it. it rarely works. since a really good rider used it, it was painful to watch what little of yours I did watch because even though atkins music/riding weren’t a great combo, but yours failed to match horribly.
if you and a buddy were filming and had just enough to do one song then it works because it is shared, not already taken

ok…sorry. Its just when I listen to someone elses video that music they use it inspires me…but okay…

I can hardly believe I made that typo. “wathcing” oh man.

Any more comments.

good movie, nice transitions between sceens,

i wish i had a skate park by me…:frowning:

thanks, the skatepark in my town is not very big but its good for unicycling theres a town 15 minutes south of where i like and the have a masive park there im planning on doing some filming there too some time.

any othere comments?

what level are all u guys in


Fixed. Might as well fix it right.

I hate it when I try to correct something and keep screwing it up :roll_eyes:

Zero, I still can’t get the freemount. :angry:

But then I have a disadvantage having a fair amount of paralysis in my legs.

I have riden down three stairs, also SIF (both hands) and backwards, both for 85 feet several times.:slight_smile:

I cant becuase I dont have it saved with WMM anymore…Its to bad…and other comments?