NEW VIDEO: "Stair-steppin' Muni!" 9.17.06

Hi y’all! Another awsome adventure this past Sunday in Aliso Woods! This trail called “Stair stepper” is famous for it’s treacherous, S T E E P, and unforgivingly technical, ALL rocky stair-like sections. Only .7 miles long, it is out & back…or more specifically, DOWN & back UUUUUP! (Actual stair stepper footage follows the warm-up opening)

No video, including this one, can really capture the sheer steepness and difficulty of this DH Devil, but you should still will get a pretty good idea by the numerous UPDs generously sprinkeld throughout.

Me & Perry were joined by Todd (OneLessCar), who rode his bike 14 miles :astonished: with his 24" Qu-ax muni strapped to his back! Now that’s dedication! Hope you all enjoy it and we always love to get your comments. Hope to see you all at CMW!:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :D:p

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I’m new, what does UPD stand for?

no offense, but when I did stair stepper you made it look soooo easy:)

Yet another entertaining, laid-back vid from Teh Terry, only made awesomer by the lame Power Rangers’ theme song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Un-Planned Dismount (aka bailing).

I don’t know…I looked at lots of tv theme songs and that one just hit me! Lame yes, but strangely it just fits right in there!!:smiley:

There was a lot of sand on those rocks making it extra slippery! We were all having a blast,UPD’s and all!

I wish I had somewhere like that to ride - you’re so lucky!

You guys really rocked the casbah!

ONE bibble-tastic-super-thing comin’ up!

You don’t have any rocky terrain areas? WHat about some good single track? There’s gotta be something decent within a reasonable distance. Try calling some bike shops that specialize in mountain bikes-they should be able to steer you in the right direction!:smiley:

dude i rember that that was so hard i fell on my ass…:smiley: I got owned