New Video -- Snow Dance (bike and uni trials)

With the unseasonably (and unreasonably) warm temperatures, we have been able to ride more, and consequently ski less. We went to Portland to ride downtown today and I got some footage and some photos. The video is a compilation of footage from school, from Bradbury Mountain State Park, and from downtown Portland today. I put it together tonight, so it’s not as top notch as it could have been… enjoy. -Snow Dance-

Some shots from the day.

More Unicycling photos from the day and in general can be found on my website, .


great stuff ! Their should be more videos with Unis and bikes together.

nice job putting that together!! it looks good!:slight_smile:

I have to say that that Trials bike loooks pretty wicked…im not sure why i just like it. And the riding was only matched by the excellent filming and editing

Good job guys,.

Great video. Keep working on those wall flips Seamus;)

Sick riding! And nicely put together too, Kyle. Wish I was still at home so I could have been there…

Not so sure about Fuller at the end…a bit creepy really.

It would have been fun if you were still here, we had a great day in p-town. Great weather. I kinda wish we went to Rumney climbing instead, but it was a good time.

Nobody was really riding well at all. Henry almost did a crazy 8’+ flat to flat, but he had already busted 2 spokes, and would have tacoed his rim for sure.

I heard he was going to try to break the world record… too bad guinness wouldn’t have recongnized it :roll_eyes:

the unicycleing was soo much better than the bikeing
and i love telepopmusik so that makes it good

Nice Kyle, I like it. Yeah, fuller was a bit creepy at the end, but it was funny. Too bad it wasn’t a skiing video, we kneed some snow!!

the guy with the dreds looked really angry in all of those shots…

He’s a very angry person.

(kidding… perhaps determination makes Henry look angry?)