New video site to check out!

I recently got an email from one of the people at Vodpod who saw the video contest. He wanted me to try and get more unicyclists into the site. It is a great site and it will keep all unicycling videos together, while also sharing them with everyone else. Here is a link to the Unicyclist Pod: I would love to see lots of unicycling videos go up here. Lets help out these guys, as they are willing to help us out too.

How about starting by adding one of your own, set a good example, huh?


but you all know about this is what we go for! is exclusive to the unicycle community, vodpod is presenting unicycling to the rest of the world, personally I think it will be more exposure than youtube currently gives unicycling.
Hope that answers your question.



not a bad idea at all.

Two reasons:

  1. I don’t have any videos on my computer of me.
  2. I don’t have a decent video camera, just a still that takes videos which suck.

So, one great thing about this site is it lets you view in crappy quality in the flash player, but it also lets you download the full quality movie in MPEG4 format, which can be used on your computer, iPod or PSP, etc…

So, if you want to help out to build the unicyclist pod, just upload a video you have sitting around. I know lots of people have them. Take your best, and throw it up there! was made for all people, not only for unicyclist.
The problem is to promote it to all people and thats really not easy.
How ever, I think it makes no sense to establish several different platforms for unicycle videos. It makes our target much more difficult from my opinion.
In December we should be able to launch the new design of UTV and we also offer it in more languages. Actually it is available as:

Hungarian will be added soon. Translation is still running so only the domains works for now.
Feel free to contact us if you can add another language.

All of the videos always take a very long time to load though. I’ve seen the same vid on diff sites and it only took around 15 seconds, not 5 minutes.:frowning:

Most of it’s videos are good quality w/ great riding, if you don’t mind the long load time:)