NEW VIDEO: "Signs"

I had so much fun making this one. Listen to how the lyrics fit so perfectly at about the 1 min. mark, about “trespassing”, lol! I included more fun bits in this than usual…and riding inside someplace a bit out of the ordinary…and yeah, I kinda got kicked out haha! :smiley: This one is a little longer than usual also, but it goes by really quick!

Oh, and some guy stole my 36er, and I got it on film! :frowning: Hope you enjoy and you comments are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sign here!:slight_smile:

wow nice vid the fastest 5 min ever and that sucks that somone stole your 36 er :smiley:

hehe ROFL. Nice work terry. Humor needs a touch up but :wink:

Humor or 100% subjective. Impossible to please everyone, so you do the best you can, and see how it goes. The main thing is, I have FUN making these videos, and I think it shows pretty well. And your first comment was: “hehe ROFL. Nice work terry.” so that’s good enough for me! :slight_smile:

lool lol haha rolf rofl.

Edit: I was going to title this one: “Signing off”, since this will be my LAST video. It’s been fun kids, and I’ve greatly appreciated all the thousands of positive, supportive, flattering comments here and on youtube! I’ve tried my best to promote the great sport of unicycing, and I’ve been very fortunate in the exposure and publicity I’ve been able to bring to our great sport! It’s been, and will continue to be a great ride! I’ll be here as usual, but just not posting any more videos. I think 115 is quite sufficient. To bad there’s not an award for that! :o


Thats a real shame, i really have enjoyed your vids
If i knew how to make one of those trophy things with the codes that you put in the sigs i’d make one and give it to you
Thanks for all you have done to promote our great sport:)



Hope that works Terry
You deserve it


Awesome terry, Nice film, especially liked the library seen cuz we heard what was going on not just music to cover over everything.

P.S. Are u sher ur not a teenager in a 52 Yr. mans body!?!?!?! :thinking:

2nd P.S. You can’t stop now all of ur vids were becoming amazing and some even motivated me to try new things if u stop now i won’t b motivated and get stuck riding then the next thing u know ill be on ebay selling my uni!!!

3rd P.S. We’ll miss u!!!LOL!!! (ur vids i mean)

:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :sunglasses:

That would be a real shame, since I look forward to yours way more than anyone elses:(

(maybe just making them a bit less often :o)

I love you videos! Always so much fun in them.

Dont stop now Terry, your a legend!

Don’t stop making videos!!! There is an award for 200:D

I’ll wach it later

I thought it was 300?


Awesome, just got to watch it, was that coker offer a joke, and he just didn’t give it back? Or are you joking about it being stolen?


totally called the 100 grand:p

I’d like to nominate Terry for this trophy

But if you keep making videos, I’ll make one for every 10 vids you make!


You are so much better than justin kohse, and your wheel walk reminds me of john foss! Keep going please! you are the best man!

         with love, g-dubs!

YESH! You went for the Prius…

Digging the Backroll, man.

I liked the library section too… I’ve ridden in a library a few years ago.

brilliant vid as ussual

Well, if your slowing down/stopping on the videos. Im gonna have to come down to see you ride. :slight_smile: