New video short

My younger brother Max (Sockmonster) shot this on an old VHS-C cam. I thought it was some pretty good stuff so I converted it to digital and did some editing on it. It’s just 1:27 long or so, and about 7mb, but check it out and tell me what you think. This is just part one.

Here’s me doing what Andrew Carter does because it’s a great idea and his videos are awesome.


Very Cool

As a newbie to the uni world I love to see great video clips. Helps me to see the potential I may have deep inside all of my current follies.

Whats the name of the song?

The song is salvaje de corazon by Atomicos.

Awesome video! Love it!

Excellent! Loved the gap between the bits of timber, and when one of them rolled over and you stayed on it, and that really odd pedal grab technique that until now I’d only ever read about.

Thanks for the picture compilation too.


I watched the video again, and I don’t understand why the pedal grab is odd.

What’s the deal with that?

great video.

Looks to me like he went from right pedal back, and then mid hop he flipped it to right pedal forward. I guess it was a pedal to crank grab.


you might want to think about upgrading you unicycle if your gonna keep riding trials

i just say that because my friend has the same unicycle and he messed it riding smaller stuff than that

No he just does like a quarter rotation as he hops up. It’s pretty weird though. I’m glad you liked my brother’s riding. He deserves all the credit though. I just saw his really low quality ghetto edit, and it was pretty good, but i knew it could be better.

nice little video