New video-sex change finally.

yea its mostly of forrest trying to land a sex change. he tried real hard so im glad he got it. he puts everything he has into uni, i love it. a few other clips just dispersed too, so yeah. good ride today, but yea, very stressful, lol. well watch it now. goodbye.

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Nice, yall keep riding hard and having fun. Thats what its all about.


Video doesn’t work for me… it freezes after about 3 seconds…

Well I don’t think I like this Forrest Rackard guy anymore.

Very cool, Forrest should try some sex changes from si, I think they look cool that way. Nice half hicks Jonny.

I’ve thought about doing a sex change, but I can’t afford one right now.

Awesome! Great choice of music, too.

thanks. and forrest maybe check it on my myspace. i have the youtube link on there so yeah. forrest sorry that the gap you did dint make it in, the clip had an error or something and wouldnt upload. as did some of the other clips. i know how to make them work, but i was real restrained on time last night man, cuz i could only be on like the other computer for a little while. but yea im glad you nailed that and sorry i had to put the backflip as the intro, that bushscene woulda been good lol. i will maybe make an alternate video of just your sex change and pm it to ya soon. anyways i hope you dug it, wast our longest video or anything but it was straight. and dang kelly i was gonna give you a shoutout…i always forget people. but like sometimes you gotta tell yourself when you write these shoutouts…you didnt win a grammy, youre simply closing your vid. lol. later guys.

yeah, what was that song?

I think the entire vid turned out great! It was a lot of fun.
-Forrest (Rackard):wink:

and then…

:thinking: :astonished: :smiley: :wink: :o