New Video: Sabin workin' it

Here is a little video i made, it has some pretty old stuff in it, from last summer. But it also has some new stuff;)

Its .wmv
and its 1:45 long



Ehh, that was okay I guess…

Oh, yeah, it was great. So, are you like the second person to land a double flip? I’ve never seen or heard of anyone besides Shaun do it before.

that was a pretty sweet video


You do the most effortless 180 unispins ever!! Your 540 unispins are pretty good too. Good technique overall, consistent and committed. Whats your next big trick gonna be?

That is really awesome, can you do double flips on flat? I think my favorite line was the parking space things to varial flip off, niiiice.

sabin you got the flow bro, and with that backwards hat, your a mini dan heaton, probably taller though, OH!!! snap…snap.

sick vid man, congrats on the doube, i havent seen anybody else stomp one.


SICK!!! AMAZING. Loved the double!!! He is the second and youngest to do it. lol. Completely insane. The curb line wiht varial off was nice. Enjoyed over. I give it a 7. (Ends at 7 starts at 2). ha. Right on man, loved it throughout. (Like my girlfriend, ha, sorry unneeded) lol laters,

-Shaun Johanneson

i liked it…your double flip was really clean…good show.

oh wow:)

thanks for all the feedback guys. I will try to make some vids more often.
The double flip is tough but with some wise words from this one guy;) i was able to pull it off.

I have an older mini-cam that uses a tape casette to record video. How can I edit and covert it to a wmv, or something like that so I can then post it online? :thinking:

pimped out vid yo

yeah sabin… awesome dude

rock out

arent you forgetting someone?

you gotta dub it from the camera to the pc using a video capture card matey. cher cher

Can you land one?

im just curious…how low was your seat that you could do those high rolling hops

Cool vid.
But why did you jused a 24" frame with a 20" tire?

mike uses a 26" pashly frame on his 20" set up in defect, im sure he’s still using it too…


Those parts were filmed a while ago, Sabin said in another thread that he broke his 20" frame so the 24" was just temporary. He used it a little in Defect too.

Beautiful man, your style flows beautifully.