New video(s)

Alright folks!

I’v just put some new videos in the gallery.

They’re at:

They’re called DarkTom’s etc etc, apart from I Broke My Toe, which is called, funnily enough, I Broke My Toe.

The main one is Unicycling in Glasgow, have a look, tell me what you think, if you like.



The Glasgow video didn’t get uploaded properly. The filename is in the gallery but there is no file there.

How big is the file? The gallery can have problems with larger files (about 17 MB or bigger in my experience) where uploads will fail like that.

Aye, man. I just checked. Am trying again right now. Typical, eh? that’s the one I want folk to see and it breaks!

I first tried it at 25mb and that wouldn’t upload at all, so I shrunk it to 14mb, I think it might have been my filename that got it.

Hopefully “Attempt 2” will work.

Cheers, man.


No! It didn’t work either. My brother reckons it might be his connection or summat so I’ll go somewhere tomorrow and try it.

Keep you all in suspenders eh?



I’m at my mates now (23:45) on his broadband connection.

I tried the 25Mb version again and no joy, so now I’m uploading the 15Mb version, and I got an “upload in progress” window that I didn’t get before so hopefully its working. It’s taking bloody ages tho!

Anyone got any more tips?


I got it to work, it’s only 6mb, but now the uni is shutting.

It’s called “Last Try! I’m Sick of This”

Please tell me what you think!


Uploading is a nightmare!

Well, don’t I look the uploading idiot!

Now I’m in easyInternet before I go to work to check that it
definetly worked. It did! Yay!!

Just as I got it on the gallery, I got chucked out of uni(versity) cos it was shutting early, so I thought I’d better explain myself properly.

I tried to upload on 3 different computers, on 3 different internet connections. I haven’t a clue what was going on, some attempts say they are there but just aren’t there, some are half or a wee bit there. Right enough, tho, I don’t know much internet other than how to download stuff.

The version that works is called “Last Try! I’m Sick of This!” and is on page 3 of the free4all gallery (same link as 1st post, just further down the page now!)

What a carry-on, there was some shenanigans, and I got in a right kafuffle. It is 6Mb, 320x240 dimensions. It looks a bit shit compared to what I wanted to go on but at least its there now.

As with my first video, all comments will be gratefully received (even if they’re negative!)

Sorry for clogging the gallery with failed attempts.

Hope you all enjoy.


good vids like the seat and the falling of the guinepig or hamster or what ever the hell it is

I do not understand.
Who are you?
Where do you currently live?

(You have a pic of ME in your gallery, a pic I have never seen before. Do you live here now?)

Nice video but why do you have a clip of Jsm in your gallery…?


It’s not DarkTom’s gallery. It’s the free4all gallery where anyone can post a picture or video.

The free4all gallery is there so that people who cannot log in to the gallery can still post their pictures or videos. New accounts here don’t have automatic gallery permissions. That feature broke a while ago and left the new accounts without the ability to create a gallery. The free4all gallery is a temporary workaround that has global permissions to allow anyone to upload to that one particular gallery.

Gilby is in the process of upgrading the site again and when that is done the new accounts should have proper gallery access again (I hope).

Cheers folks,

BrockFisher05, it’s a rat.

Cheers for explaining the gallery thang John.

If I ever get a gallery of my own it will of course have DarkTom in the title somewhere. To make it straightforward and that.

Nice one.


Good video Tom, cracking side jumps. It was good to see somewhere on a unicycle video that I had been before.

It would be great to get some Glasgow landmarks in the next video.



Your broken toe video ROCKS! Best vid I have seen in a while!!! Keep up the good work. Peace!

Cheers, man!

I just made it for a laugh. Glad you liked it. Next time I break something I’ll make a similar vid.

So hopefully there won’t be any more like it, but you never know…

Innes, I realise the name of the vid kinda suggests there will be glasgow landmarks in it but I just couldn’t think of a good name. A better name would have been “Good places to unicycle that are no more than 15 minutes from my house” but that’s a bit of a mouthfull.

As you said, in the next vid…


AWESOME!!! just awesome tom, especially like the grinding and the step’s at buchanan street. seem’s as if we have a soon to be jedi master on our hands, although the broken toe was just gruesome. excellent vid’s

p.s. what’s the music on the long one can’t read the titles at the end.

also think we should have more installments of scaring people on unicyles, hilarious

take it easy