NEW Video: Raphael Pöham

I found a new video of raphi yesterday. I think it should be a surprise because there are very difficult tricks in it.

Greets, Simon

PS: Comments allowed :wink:

wow… :angry:

stupid boy… simon is just jealous… :roll_eyes:
this is simon :wink: :

jealous not be able to fly :wink:

Der Film macht uns allen Mut!!!Hast Dich deutlich weiter entwickelt fahrerisch und natürlich filmerisch!
Danke Simon

den film hat der simon gemacht, weil er meint er ist lustig wenn er von mir irgendwelche alten clips in ein video macht… :roll_eyes:

in english: simon just put some old clips of me in a video becuase he think its funny… but it isn’t, its just annoying;)

raphael you are such a beast!

0.55 was unbelievable !! And i loved the very good editing at 0.20 !

Keep it Up !!

yes thank you… i know the vid is my best one i have ever done :astonished: xDD

da raphi duads glei wida owi owa waunst des söwe beim eli mochast oda so darast di voi ohaun drüwa xD

Best video ever. Never saw such amazing tricks (till now)

I never knew somone could do so many wraps!

Well done Raphi :smiley:

The editing at 1:07 was just perfect. This video is unbelievable :astonished: