New Video: "POV" vidcam test

So here’s a link to a quickie test run using my newly fashioned “Uni-Cam” setup. It seems to work well and the added weight doesn’t throw me off balance at all!

I made it with common pvc piping and a “T” connector which fit perfectly over the seat tube, and even allows for me to “swing” the arm left/right for effect.

Pic is below also. I will give it a full MUni test run later today, after I finish padding the camera.:smiley:


Says not available.

it tell me the video is unavailable.

I just posted it so it’ll take a few minutes…:slight_smile:

o yer wat way is the camera pointing it looks like it is pointing a way from the wheel

It’s pointing directly at the center w/wide angle showing plenty of rider & trail. It’s fully adjustable in any direction.

it looks awsome i wish i had one

It looks kinda weird (in a cool kidna way) and I bet you could so easily wack a tree or something with it, but I think it works really well! :smiley:

Looks cool.

Yeah there’s always a chance of that, but it’s worth trying IMO, and the trail I have in mind is void of trees, so here we go!!!:smiley:

PS: The vid is up and running now:

Uh. Terry, don’t look now but there’s something following your Unicycle.


Looks like its working pretty good… more stable than I expected… and with it being PVC, adding some elbows or something to make it higher or lower wouldn’t be that hard. (I personally would like to see it a bit higher…)

Just watch going off largish drops… would hate to bang the camera as you dropped. :wink:


I’m not too sure that small or even big drops would “read” that well. What does seem to look decent is just riding, so we’ll see how that works at first. I just finished padding the camera, so hopefully in the event of a backward dismount/fall there won’t be damage. Wish me luck and I’ll post results later today! (M)Uni-Geezer out! :sunglasses:

Here’s some footage taken just a while ago with my “uni-cam.” I need to work out a few “bugs”, but overall it works really well…I’ll take it for a full MUni run soon! :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry about the loud “Squeaks”; (Caused by loose, unsecured fitting at t-connector) it’s like fingernails on a blackboard! :astonished:

That is really cool. You should do a 360 with that on your uni, it would look cool.

The last attempt was pretty stable. Looks good, I can’t wait to see your muni recording. The second attempt with the bouncing boom, made you look like you were getting air time. It reminded me of the mean Miss Gulch riding her bicycle on the Wizard of Oz. I could practically hear the haunting music.

Looks pretty cool.
I personally would try and build some kind of protective cage around the camera.

I just realized that the camera boom arm can swing a full 360 degrees, so I’m going to try rotating it 360 while riding. :wink:

I was just going to post the same babble as 'bibble.

I’m excited to see some intense in-your-face muni footage… although I think the wide-angle lens may detract from the magnitude of the action… the bumps and drops don’t look as severe through that lens. It’s a great POV nonetheless and I’m really curious to see some footage of steep and/or technical single-track riding from that angle.

Now if you’ve got some money to blow, just install a couple of these helmet cams on a mount like that, each with a different lens and angle. Now you’ve got two takes of your ride in one go. Scale up as technology and budget permits.