NEW VIDEO: "Park Practice"

I have one. I just forget to bring it:) :o :frowning: :astonished: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes:

Interesting sig. Is it just gibberish, or does it mean something? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

haha, I’m experimenting with different sigs :sunglasses: it means my shins hurt:)

what, no 661 4X4’s? or any shin protection? Ouch! :astonished: Oh and are you now wearing arm gaurds too now, since your elbow accident?

haha, not really:) my mom wants me to though:) I htink I’m gonna get the 661 elbow/forearm protection :sunglasses:

are you around this sunday?

Good call! I think they’re only about $17 for the pair here:

Oh my apologies…Im Phil, Nice to meet ya!

Back at ya Phil!:smiley:

there looks like theres a lot of nice places to ride there

Nice switch Terry…The first time i saw that it said"Back at ya buddy:D"

Well I thought, "I should use his name instead of “buddy.”


terry, are you still going muniing this saturday? :astonished:

Well that was mighty nice of you.

Ha! That’s pretty funny Miles! Yep I’m going this SaTURDay but probably gonna explore stair stepper and stuff in the OC area instead of SM. Can you go???

hmmm, maybe. I’ll ask my mom.

Hopefully if you ever get down this way we can meet up for a ride! I’m in SoCAl near LAX.

Phil, you should come down for CMW!

you would have a blast.

What’s “CMW?” (Probably something obvious that I should know!)

I have a hunch you would probably be interested in it:)

California Muni Fest

DOH! I must be too tired…yep, I am. 3 hours sleep last night! :astonished: