NEW VIDEO: "Park Practice"

At the local park yesterday practicing and goofing around, and came up with a fun little video. Newest member of the “South Bay Uni-sykos”, Perry, met me there and we had a blast just picking out stuff that looked interesting and went for it. What’s pretty amazing is that Perry is a total beginner to trialsy/street-type stuff, having previously rode only his old schwinn 20" doing just the “basics”.

By challenging himself to the limit, he landed some stuff that took me weeks to land. He did it in about 10 minutes! The video also has a brief cameo by his Mom Francela near the beginning, trying her had…or should I say feet, at riding a uni. She’s gonna learn quick! As I told her, "You have a nice “Uni-form!”

What makes Perry’s fast accomplishments all the more fantastic, is that he’s learning it ALL on a 24" wheel! (He wants to also get a 20".) He can ride a Coker now after only a few hours practice. Way to go Perry! :smiley:


For this sport to ever take off, people have to stop being totally pumped for just learning how to ride. It’s not hard, just learn, then learn more. This is why a lot of people hate there forums, this is spam.

Go perry! it looks like you had a great time!

um, how would this possible be spam?

I’m sorry to say this, but you’re a Kill-Joy! What have *you" contributed to these forums other than negativity and put downs? It is clear that you are an unhappy individual. I feel sorry for you. Btw, nobody forced to to click the link and watch the video.

also, how old is perry?

one more thing,


his mom will totally be able to ride in like 3 hours.

Perry is 14. He and his Mom (Francela) rides muni with me at the local trails about 3-5 times per week. He’s getting better really fast! I still haven’t heard from John Long about this Saturday, or gotten directions, so I will probably ride muni in the OC area with Jim instead. CAn you come this Sat?? I stll wanna come out there to your area

In answer to, “Who would hop on these rocks?”…2 words…Ryan, Atkins!..Looks like you guys had a great time…I wanna come to cali and ride now…

BTW what was up with that kid who was mumbling?

could you get me directions to the trail?

cali has great muni.
you should come down for CMW!

Pardon, sir? This is not spam…the kind of continued, long-lasting enthusiasm for even the relatively easiest of accomplishments exemplified in this video is what sets us apart from most commercial sports…with the elitist attitude that you’re exhibiting, we can only go downhill.

nice vid. dude i wanna meet you terry you sound like a really cool guy.

he is a really cool guy! :smiley:

oh, and I’ll be coming down for school on the 15th or 16th of september…maybe earlier, but I want to do some rides when I get down there!

HA perry and terry. that was a sweet movie, good to see other people learning, and so quickly!

Your guess is as good as mine! Lol.:smiley:

Thanks, I always like meeting new friends to ride with! To me, that’s at least half the fun!

It’s really geat watching his progress! (He reminds me of me when I was his age!)

Looking forward to it Tod!

Which trail? My local one? I still don’t know the trail location John Long was talking about.

cool video, that was some pretty good riding/first pedels for all of you

and that one screaming kid was scary :astonished: keep up the good work Perry, Terry and Francela :smiley:

If people aren’t pumped that they learned how to ride whats going to motivate them to learn more. and what proof do you have that people hate their forums. first of all, If people hated their forums you might have somone agree with what you said, second they probally wouldn’t be replying here.

just wanted to say thanks to all for the nice comments! I also FINALLY changed my username. It’s more fitting than TerryBigWheel, esp. since I sold my coker!:slight_smile:

We can still call you terry though right? Lol.

I think it should be filming addict:)

Oh yeah. lol. Only my username changed. Hey, speaking of actual names…what’s yours?

That too. I bet if you had a minicam (maybe you do?) you’d be making videos too, right? Especilly since your so dang good!:slight_smile: