new video-paper planes

Hey guys. This vid has been sitting on my comp for a while so i decided to post it. Nothing big but i had fun making it so I hope you guys like it.

Cool vid.

You got tall.

Awesome! I like the uni switch at the end too.

nice vid, that uni transfer was a HUGE jump, and everything was sick.

edit: was that a tre double down that 2 set at 0:39?


I was totally gona use this song…

Nice viddy, but you shouldn’t have used this song! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Skills there, That huge jump to the second uni was incredible!

Tredoubles, treyside, 720 drop, sweeeeeeeet.

Get a new camera :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops double post.

Just wanted to say. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR :open_mouth:

hey thanks guys i appreciate all the comments. ya the transfer was a lot of fun. haha unicycledood i had to cut it man. it was too much of a hassle:p

i’d love to hear anymore comments from you guys, thanks.

Really cool video :slight_smile:

I like the haircut.

Everything was really good. But you definatly deserve a new camera :wink:

Oh, and nice uni.

I’m excited to see more stuff from you again :slight_smile:


EDIT: Are you riding 125 or 137mm cranks ?

Nuff said - You rock!

Awesome vid. I liked the 270 to 450 and the crankflip off the skinny.

lol I recently got a haircut too. It’s still pretty long though. Anyway, why don’t you have long hair Chris? :stuck_out_tongue:

My hair goes fuzzy :frowning: Wish I could.

Cool, really liked the video, especially the last clip.

Special thanks to god…?

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

The jump from 1 uni to the other was amazing !!! Wasn’t expecting that.

Can you make a video of repeated transfers ?

What I mean is after you transfer, ride a half circle while your helper picks up the dropped uni then transfer again, and again, and again making half circles each time…

This is do-able…:wink:


haha i was gunna use that song to.

amaing riding…trey doubles and 7 spins.

i miss your hair :wink:

thank you to everyone who has watched and commented.

about my heigth- yes I’ve grown a couple inches, I’m 6’1 now.

about my hair- i cut it because

  1. it makes me look a lot older
    2. easier for cross country
    3. my gf likes it haha:)

about the song- I’m really surprised I’m the first to have used it. It’s a pretty awesome song so i figured it would go well with the vid. Do you guys and girls agree?

hahaha. Ya i forgot about that. I really do need a new camera guys and I apologize for my current one. Ill more than likely get one for Christmas though.

Oh and Isacc, I’m riding 137’s but kinda want 125’s. Ahah.

awesome video but i was going to use that song :frowning: i unicycle to it all the time?