New Video: Ottawa Uni Invasion

Heres a video I made of some people and myself at the Ottawa Uni Invasion 2007. Heres the yotube link…tell me what you think?



sweet! You’re getting a lot better. Looked like fun.:slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if you were that guy with the yellow seat, but now I remember of you ! Yeah you were really good ! The line with the blue angle pallet, you got it, and not me :frowning::slight_smile: Nice vid, I was happy to see my rolling hop…why do you people keep doing SIF side hop ? Roll hopping is the future, the one who won (well…execo (sp?) 1st place) was a roll hopper, and off competition, he did 85 cm over the bar !!!


Looks like a fun trials setup!
I was hoping to see James Galbraith, but didn’t spot him. He wears a tshirt - Give blood. Ride Muni.
He won Sports Muni, so I guess that run at a different location?

Thanks…ya it was alot of fun!

Thanks Hugo. You were amazing! I hope to see you some time again. I should practice rolling hopping because thats better for riding street. But ya imb better at SIF at the moment but its kinda to bad because I was kinda rusty that weekend and had not practiced for about a week and a half…talk again.

He was at the trials comp also… in that vid check at 0:17 seconds in… I think that’s him standing there with the green shorts. Him and I tried a bunch of lines together… I’m pretty sure my father got some footage with him in it. I’ll post it whenever I get my hands on it.

Isaac were you the guy with the qu-ax trials? I’m the one with the qu-ax 24". I noticed you and I both got 11 lines. Good job. Although by the vid it looks like you got the one where you ride the flow then up two sandwich boards…I didn’t get that one. :frowning:

SWEET! I was wondering when I would get to see the first footage begin to appear. For anyone wondering I was the very first high jump clip. I think that was either my 50 or 55 cm attempt.

For anyone wondering where James was, he was the guy wearing the full arm armour and leg armour you can see him at 57 seconds in.

I’m amazed by some of the lines you did Isaac! That ladder line took me forever to get and so did the skinny to sandwich boards. Great Job!

I’m also really glad to see that you got your vid out so fast!

Yes I was the one with the red hub and you had the Quax 24" with the fireball tire right…And your name was Tony? thank you…I would have put some other people in the video but i didnt know if the would apreciate me putting them in for falling…:o You were very good doing some of the lines with a 24" unicycle…THat would have been a quite a bit harder…

Well thanks…If i were able to hop a bit higher I could have got some other lines but I fely good about what I did. Next year maybe i will get 16 lines. Ya you were so good…how many lines did you get again?

That was such a fun weekend, i cant wait until next year…anyone know when the highlight movie that Carl Roth was going to make when it will be ready?

what do other people think of it?