New Video - Old Tricks

Hey I made this video today with my friend James. It does not have any new tricks, but I wanted to make a video to get my mind off of some things that have really been depressing me lately. I was especially close for donkey hicks with this video, but I didn’t have enough time to concert to it today. I’m not expecting a huge response, but hopefully a few of you can enjoy it.


nicely done, I like, I like! Touching!:slight_smile:

thats a really god video mate! nice one, whats the mount you did at the veyr end called? that looks really good!



nice vid, there are awesome trics in it !! :astonished: :slight_smile:


i really liked it, looks like a great friendship you have.

did i see a cop car? wonder wat e’d say"ok u with the unicycle in the back

Great jonny! I loved the end.

Good vid. there should have been more intense wheelchair tricks:p .

However, I must have to question your taste in music:o .

Edit: yeah, nothing like a good ride to get your mind off of things…

Cool Jonny, I liked it. I love the laid back style.

I think I would say the same to you;)

Metal, for the win!

Edit: oh yeah, I like your riding, but this vids isnt as good as your others. But I spose you gotta do what you gotta do, good luck.

cool video jon, it warmed my heart.:slight_smile:

my taste in music is actually quite broad. Most people dont like the majority of music i listen to, but on the other hand most like some. For example, ive spent some time listening to billy talent after yous worker bees video (i assume you like billy talent since you put it in your vid.)

but lets not let this become a threadjack.

wheel chair? I know it’s possible to throw down backflips in those. At least some massive wheel chair wheelies. Love the donkey hicks though those are sweet.

I really liked it :slight_smile:

what kind of music was that? It was cool.

I will follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie

good vid, love the song.

Can we get some back story? Is he wheelchair bound for life? Is it temporary? Does he even need it? Those questions totally change the context of the video.

Sweet riding though man.

Thanks guys, I am glad some people liked it. : ) I stuck a donkey hick, I’ll get it on film, and put a clip of it in this thread when I do.

What is the mount you did at the very end called?

I’m not sure, its a little mount I made up a long time ago.

Did i see a cop car? wonder wat e’d say"ok u with the unicycle in the back.

Cops make me really sick. They think they are something to be admired.

However, I must have to question your taste in music.

I’m not a big fan of metal stuff. I get constant anxiety and calm music is often relaxing to counter my nerves.

Can we get some back story?

Of course. James was born on June 22. He lives down the road from me, and his parents own a trophy shop.

what’s that got to do w/ his wheelchair…haha
neato video, I like your music don’t worry

out of random curiosity, do you like rap?

Noone likes rap.