new video of the french team keukly

Sick! 360 unispin down a 150 cm drop is insane!

That was excelent!

I am gonna nit pick on you though. The twisting flip tricks weren’t really legit. Most of the 180 {insert fliptrick here} were only about 90-100 degree twists. However, pretty much everyone with the exception of a few people do that, so don’t worry about it. (Wow, that sounds like something Shaun would say, except for the “everyone does that” part :roll_eyes: )

I really liked some of the more creative lines where you used the obstacles to trick off of instead of just flipping and spinning all over the place on flat. That’s what street really is.

ahhhhhhh!!! that was crazy!!!

I gotta give it to you guys, that was the best vid I saw in months.
Realy nice street/flatland and trial.
Keep it up.

Peter M

wo from the looks of it you guys will be doing 720 unispins like they are cake.

Uh, dude, you are pretty much reiterating what everyone has already said…

crazy, best vid in a long time

Awesome Video

Lots of incredible riders

where was the 720 unispin?

I dont think there was.

Wow I loved it. The on-tire crossover stuff got kinda old though.

Thats the best vid ive ever seen period.

héhé thanks everyone

sorry the bigger spin is a 5-4 , 7-2 coming soon :smiley:

Awesome riding!

great riding!!

the video got a little too long though… tricks got repetitive and I got a little bored… you can cut like 2 thirds off it and will still look really cool…

but you guys are amazing!! :smiley:

Really good one!

Maybee it was just me but I didn’t really like the first song, may have been diff if it was in English and I understood the lyrichs. Many of the others I liked but I didn’t under stand them either though.

I think it would have been better to hold the clip of each of the UPDs for lke two seconds longer and shown the reaction of the onlookers in some of them.

Well you are kind-of new here.
check these out. For you, esp. post 6, on

Love the flatland, awsome video!

that was pretty cool. but as other have been saying it was too long and that 180 double back was 16 degree double back.
some other things were insane though

Really impressive vid. Enjoyed it loads.

I thought I was the only guy doing doublebacks consistantly, and 180 doublebacks… impressive. I don’t want to get to the arguement of if it was a 180 or not haha. I’m just gonna say it was. Most of the time it’s all about how you ride out of it.



It wasn’t you, I found the first song unbearable ! And it wouldn’t have been different if you had understood the lyrics, because they’re really dumb ! The chorus says :" No need to call, I won’t answer the telephone, NO NO ! No need to call I won’t answer the telephone !"

Anyway, great vid ! :wink: