new video of stunts

learn it, know it, live it.

,loved it.

love you

Oh man, that was good. I liked it a lot. BMX style wheel is the way to go.

Awesome ness. I liked the 360 tire grab

thanks fellas

Pooped my pants it was so good.

I like yes…

:astonished: WOW that was cool, and again liked the 360 tyre grab. That is some pretty crazy bmxing too

sick work.

Nice. the mount at 1:41 was silly.

T.J. has a really cool bmx style. does anyone know of any pros with a similar style? The BMX was so great. (made me jealous, not that I would think of quitting unicycling)

I digg this stuff, my kind of riding!

I always turn to these bmx clips for inspiration, they have the same style but the intensity is multiplied!

thanks a lot!

wow, i liked it.
it showed me a few new tricks that i can learn too. (the foot plant and the jump and catch the uni, run a bit, then remount during a jump)
good stuff

i thought brian lundgren had moved to cuba and was playing water polo with fidel.

thanks, yeah he really has his own style and does his own thing.