new video of Pebbles

While I’m injured, I’ve been filming pebbles riding.

Here’s a video I made of him riding at the local skatepark:

It’s called “Pebbles Play Park”.

Give it a watch, tell us what you think.

Nice One!


very nice! if I remember his first video, he’s come a long way since then…very smooth grinds. I like it!

awesome music by the way q-;

I really loved the video, but I hated the music. Awesome riding. Very slick stuff.

thank you but dont put down Britney,darktom gets upset!

EDIT;i’m supposed to be pebbles writing this but i logged in wrong!!! Pebbles xxx

Great video. Thats also a really nice skate park. I liked that 360 he did off the edge. And also DarkTom, wonderful filming!

NIce vid, I fianlly get to see those type o grinds from the other end.

I liked the guy that popped out on the razor scoter behind him, anyone else catch that?


Thanks loads! I just found that music yesterday on a downloaded mix-cd, its an amazing mix! if anyone’s interested!

There was about a week in-between filming, we were just very stoned the night we filmed the play-park!!

Thank you very much! I put a bit of thought into the filming/editing of this one, instead of just pointing the camera at him and then editting it with “that’ll do” tactics. This one took me 3hrs to get just right!

Thanks again!

It certainly is! They built the new skatepark last summer. Lovely and smooth!

I didn’t even notice that! I’m a go watch it again!
While watching the original footage back I had inadvertantly filmed a few skaters, the camera following them while I was speaking to pebbles! And the wee skateboard grind was the guy being cheeky and running in to grind just before pebbles did! Looked good so I left it in!

Thank you everybody for watching and commenting! Pebbles aint here just now but I’m sure he’d say the same!


skate park vid

thanks for all your feedback on the video,i was very chuffed with the end result.

was looking forward to making more videos but i broke my crank in the very same park at the weekend(see below)bloody stairs!! so my plans have been scuppered!

i’m away to cheer myself up with a bit of Britney,although which bit is undecided as yet.

chow for now,


Really nice video i really liked it


Really nice video, a little short though, but I guess I’m just saying that because I enjoyed it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the type of street riding I wanna film for my upcoming movie project… I’ll definitely forward this movie to a friend more into this type of riding!

dude that was an awesome video.
i liked the one foot around that thing and all the big rollng hops.
the drop ins were cool and of course all of the gridns were awesome

That link don’t work no more.

Try this one instead.


Wow, that is amazing!

I didnt realize you were so good. Nice work and brillient filming and editing.


Nice vid, what’s wrong with your crank in those photos?

Nice riding, enjoyed watching it, keep makin them.


Can someone please post a link that works? The original link(on the very first page) does not take me to a video, but to just a page with a bunch of other stuff, but no video. :thinking:

very smooth…i liked it alot…to bad about that crank thoiugh…how many stairs were you trying to clear?

OK now i see what’s up with the crank, that’s quite an unusual way to fail.

i noticed that too…ive never seen a cracked crank at the pedals