NEW VIDEO: OC Muni Kids 9.10.06

This was SO fun! The first short part of this vid shows me & Perry braving the rediculously technical “Devil’s slide” on 9/9/06, then the day after (last Sunday) we once again met up with the kids from the OC uni club for a muni adventure on the “Rockit” trail in Aliso Woods in Laguna Niguel, CA.

What a blast! In one of the WORST “looking” UPD’s yet, (somewhere in the early second part of the vid) young Deano takes a pretty nasty head-smack to the terra-firma, and…well let’s just say THANK GOD he was wearing a helmet!!!

We all had a fantastic time and the reporter who interviewed us earlier that afternoon says the article will be out next Tuedsay! Since it’s a local paper (the Orange County Register), I will be posting the link to the online version for those out of the area. Love to hear your comments, here’s two links:



gallery downloadyness:

thanks for the downloadyness, 'bibble, but you gotta start including the file extension, as firefox doesn’t put in the correct extension when saving… :smiley:

EDIT: in this case, it’s wmv…

haha…a great video, but not very long :frowning:

apparently the unicycle frame water bottle worked so well for deano last time, his mom set it up for him again! :roll_eyes: but seriously, one of these days he’s gonna break that lx of his…

I wanna do rockit this weekend! I haven’t muniied in AGES!! And I finally got together a backpack for my muni so I can ride my street bike the 10 or so miles there with my muni in tow! I’ll have pics (and a thread) later on it.

Not very long? It was nearly FIVE minutes! But then, time flies when your havin’ fun!:smiley:

Once again Terry, great time, great vid!!
For all you helmet nay-sayers, check out Deano’s UPD. He actually cracked a rock with his helmet, if he hadn’t been wearing one, he might have cracked the whole mountain!!

great video

i remember from previous vids from you, deano pwns!

Cool video guys!
Wish I was there to join ya all.
By the way, are those mostly 24" or 26" uni?

No 26’s, and all the “Grups” (grown-ups) ride 24’s. The kids mostly were on 20’s.:smiley: Getting my replacement KH 24" rim tomorrow! Also a Gazz tire for the first time! My LBS is going to take the new rim and rebuild the wheel with new 14g black spokes. Can’t wait!!! Woot!:smiley:

That was a nice video Terry! keep ‘em comin’!

leadpan Do you live near bye. :smiley:

Wish i was there, but my bros. B-Day. :smiley:

oohhh…I just got a truing stand…I could build your wheel! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll bet you wouldn’t trust my inexperience, though. My first wheelbuild’s gonna be on my streetbike, that thing’s popping spokes like a addict pops pills.

sorry, bad comparison. :o

Sure I’d trust your skills! But I need it finished by the end of today so I can ride at Devil’s slide tomorrow!:smiley: (With my new gazz!)

we’ll need a ride report on that gazz! and don’t bottom out! :slight_smile:

We’ll do! This time though I’ll have a tad more air in the tire…like 18 lbs instead of 14. (So much for the “1 psi for every 10 pounds of body weight!” concept!) I’m picking up my KH wheel set saturday morning-just in time to “test” it out at Devil’s Slide- then it’s back to Top of The world on Sunday! Tons of ridin’ fun this weekend!

I’ve finally reserved our hotel smack dab in Truckee for three nights, Thurs-Sat and I’m boarding “Morty”, my cat, at 8am thurs. morn, then we hit the road for the 500 mile trek to CMW! Weeeee!

After the ride Friday, me & Perry are gonna find a theatre in town and see “Jackass, Number Two!” so if anybody wants to join us for a laugh riot, let me know!:smiley: :sunglasses: :):stuck_out_tongue:

Deano does own, but after that fall he was decidedly less “adventurous” for the rest of the ride! Understandable! But he rocks!:smiley: