New video: No Bicycling Allowed

Here’s a new video, No Bicycling Allowed.

Large version: 70 mbs

Small version: 24 mbs


What the…? That’s new???

How long have u been riding chum?

Riding? Oh, you mean pogosticking?

I was dissapointed with that coming from Jess, but it did make me giggle.:stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. It also looked like an OLD video. And Jess riding a schwinn??? :astonished:

Going through some old footage Jess?

Not quite. This is the first unicycling movie I ever made, about 4 years ago. I found this on an external harddrive that I was cleaning out yesterday.

It’s completely uncut, I edited this years ago.


It definitely shows the promise you are fulfilling. I hope to see much more cinematically, if not unicinematically, from Jess!

That takes me back to the “OEM only” days.