NEW VIDEO: "MUNIficent Obsession"

Back at our old “haunts” in Aliso Woods near Laguna Niguel, Saturday, 8/19/06. Me, Tim (unimog) and Perry (petaccia) attacked the trails with all we had! Hiking with us was Perry’s Mom Francela, Tim’s Dad Bruce, and his other son David, who brought his MTB along for the ride.

The approx. 7 mile loop included the initial long climb up Cholla, which we, on munis were forced to hike, for the most part, because of the sheer steepness; a tough climb on foot alone, as the parents can attest! Once we got to rockit, we did our best to ROCK IT!

This video is comprised mostly of pretty basic stuff, but I will say that the Rockit section is MUCH more technically challenging than it may appear in the video! Somehwere in the middle is the “UPD of the day”, courtesy of Tim. I’ve made several videos from these same trails, just in case you experience a little Dejavu.

I think of these not as “performance” videos, but rather a kind of “travelogue”, or a visual “diary” of my Muni-memories; and all the neat people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and ride with along the way. Plus it always gives me the opportunity to sneak in some of my favorite songs from my era! (Yes, we did have electricity back then!:p)

It was tons of fun, as usual! Next Sunday we may be doing another muni adventure with the OC kids! HAve a great wek everybody!:smiley:

Link to Vid

nice video. I would love to ride there it just screams fun

Electricity?!?! how could you have electricity if you’re still using rocks as currency?
And why is it that in every video or picture i see of you, you’re always in that blue shirt and your pads and helmet?

the video was good!
hope to see you at CMW this year terry!

your coming? cool…

haha, I was at Spencer’s so I couldn’t come:o :frowning:

I’m gonna do a little thread jack here…HEY SPENCER! I’m thinking about coming out to MAgic Mtn in the next week or two, sometime during the week. I’m hoping to bring along my local riding buddy Perry (about your age) and his Mom. Either before or after we go to Magic Mtn, maybe we can meet up for some trials/street or muni. let me know if you’d be available maybe next Monday or Tuesday.:smiley:

Well the pads (661’s) and helmet are a must; the blue shirt is worn in some of the vids, but not all. :smiley: I do need new clothes anyway, especially since none of my old threads fit me anymore! :astonished:

Hey, I have school now but I get out everyday at 12:20 so I would be up for riding after that.

Cool vid;)

That sounds good! I figure we could come out around then, and we could ride for a couple hours or so, then do MMtn. Where do you ride out there, and do you have muni trails, or do you ride mostly street/trials?

I have not found any good muni trails out here. There are some parks and stuff that I ride at sometimes. All the good places are not exactly legal to ride at :roll_eyes: :wink:

Do you have anything/obstacles/trials course, set up at your house? If not we can just go wherever you ride.:smiley: