NEW VIDEO: MUni fun X3!

This was probably the most enjoyable muni ride yet! Devin and I were joined-quite unexpectedly-by Dean-o (OC kids muni club) and his mom hiking along.

Dean-o tried, but my other 24" kh muni was just to tall for him even with the saddle all the way down. He rips it up just fine with his 20" torker lx anyway. (He tells me he’s replacing it soon with a new “colorful” nimbus.)

It was just the most laid back muni-jam I can remember, but ALL three of us still raised the bar in our skill levels on this afternoon!

And Jim, (jrdugueod) if you’re reading this, you really missed a heck of a good time! Oh, and Jim, I finally faced my “white whale” and landed it on the first try!

Happiness! Hope you all enjoy the vid and you will see that we all had a blast!:D:) :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


haha nice i alyes love ur videos there fun to watch:) :slight_smile:

Thankls Tim I appreciate that! Wait 'till you see my next on, “the birth of MUni” . Hey I like that ship picture in your profile! Cool. :sunglasses:

Good fun.
Nice Video.


i may just be weird, but i think muni is very boring.

you’re not alone. lots of people find muni videos boring to watch.

i like them :smiley:

You may find the videos boring, but once you hit the trails, youll be hooked. :smiley:

im sure its fun, but its not worth recording.

That’s your opinion, which is fine; on the same hand some might say the same thing about other styles. I love it all! MUni just happens to be what I do pretty much exclusively. I’m just happy that most people seem to like my videos, and MUni vids in general. WHat I do like is adding funny/humorous bits of business into the videos which people also seem to like. Oh, and almost every time we ride MUni, there are mtb’rs that see us videotaping, and routinely ask us how they can find them on the web, so I’m hoping we’re spreading the word about MUni and making the general public aware of the sport, and in fact a few of these mtb’rs have recently bought MUnis are are learning to ride!

muni isn’t boring, its just hard to film excitingly [sp?]. following the action and really exposing the difficulty of a trail is hard to do through a home video camera. most times during the week i’m kinda dreading but also looking forward to the ride on the weekend. but i know that once i get out there i’m going to have tons of fun, and this weekend i hope to give my koxx uni a proper introduction to muni.

Awesome machine you’re gettin’ there! Yeah I’m looking for a wide angle/fisheye lens for my mini vidcam so I can get better, more visually interesting footage.

yea, its a beast, seems even bigger in real life. even my hardcore biker friend down the street was impressed. didn’t even know that something like it existed.

Yeah, recording Muni is a art that takes a lot to be perfected.

To capture the steepness, how wet and slippery the trail is, how difficult the lines are, to smoothly follow the rider. Its hard to do, very hard.

Here two vids that do a great job capturing that. Vid 1 and vid 2.

There are also a lot of DH videos on google and youtube. Those are amazing to watch and have been filmed and edited to be very good. Just replace the bikes with unis, cause we ride the same things, just cant go as fast.

You are not just weird, I also think that muni videos are boring to watch. Muni is fun to DO, but not to watch. With that being said there are some Muni videos that i enjoy, it takes talent to make a good one.

Well I’m pleased that most people seem to like my vids, and really I think that they are "accessible " to most novice and intermedite MUni-ers who realize that the “kris holm-esqe” stunts and high-flying hardcore MUni riding is out of the realm of possibility/probability for them, at least in most cases, and what they see in my vids is much more doable and shows younger riders as well and of course humorous bits thrown in for fun, like “Dueling Munis” for example:

FUN is really what it’s all about for me and those I ride with, and it’s anything but “boring!” YEs, the vids can never totally capture the actual experience, so I agree on that, but I try my best with what I have to work with: Entry level videocam and Moviemaker. :):D:p :sunglasses:

i love doing muni,… but i hate watch videos of it…

The video would be boring without the intro and the CACTUS MOUSE:D
I like your sense of humor.
And I thought it is boring UNTIL: i saw the “Lynx” in first person view. You’ve got guts:)

some trials stuff is boreing;) Its not how good you are or what style your riding, its how you film it lol:D