NEW VIDEO: Muni at Lynx Trail 11.19.06

This was probably the most enjoyable muni ride yet! Devin and I were joined-quite unexpectedly-by Dean-o (OC kids muni club) and his mom hiking along.

Dean-o tried, but my other 24" kh muni was just to tall for him even with the saddle all the way down. He rips it up just fine with his 20" torker lx anyway. (He tells me he’s replacing it soon with a new “colorful” nimbus.)

It was just the most laid back muni-jam I can remember, but ALL three of us still raised the bar in our skill levels on this afternoon!

And Jim, (jrdugueod) if you’re reading this, you really missed a heck of a good time! Oh, and Jim, I finally faced my “white whale” and landed it on the first try!

Happiness! Hope you all enjoy the vid and you will see that we all had a blast!:D:) :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

i hate how you get to go every week (at least a lot) to cool places and their are no really good places near me. looked like fun though

nice video Terry!

ive only got 2 real good places to ride muni near me, well they arent really that close…

Ha, the beginning made me laugh. That looked like fun.

Where do you live? The places that I ride, like in this video, is a good 100 mile round trip, but it’s worth it! :smiley:

yeah that video is good, not the most amazing stunts, but veyr good fun never theless! nice one…

jeez 100 miles for a muni ride… i got dartmoor 500metres away… no not joking… i can get there in less than 2 minutes…

NICE! you seem to be getter better and more agressive!

Great Video. I love the opening! You guys have mastered the Lynx trail!I can’t wait to join you guys in a few weeks. Dean O is amazing! I can’t wait to see what he can do at 40!!!

Hmmm, that would be around 2037! If I’m still alive and kickin’ I’ll be 80!!! :astonished: Dang that’s a scary thought! But that would be so awesome if I’m still doing MUni then; but then again I’ll prolly be happy just to be able to WALK! hehe!:smiley:

there, fixed it for ya:p

Oh cool thanks! I’m getting forgetful in my “semi” old age!:wink:

That was a fun trail. I sure liked it more than rock-it because it’s a lot little more ride-able (for me) at a fast pace and has some great single track.

It was fun for sure, but soon I want to try the San juan DH trail! It is 11 miles all DH (shuttle thankfully!) and very, VERY technical! This on I gotta do soon!:stuck_out_tongue: