NEW VIDEO-Muni At Dawn

This time out I decided to get up at 3:30 am! Got to the trailhead just before 5am and it was still pitch black…but not for long. The first few shots were made with my “helmet Cam”. It seems this POV method is quite better than the frame-mounted camera; there’s less shake and you can “aim” the camera simply by moving your head.

Throughout the ride the comments I heard most were: “dude that’s hardcore!” (I said thanks, but told 'em they should go this website and DL some videos of some really good riders!) Everybody’s so friendly on this trail. I had a nice converation with a jogger as we paced along at the same speed for about a mile or two.

At the end of the video I had a small crowd watching me as I attempted to balance on a skinny 3’ high, (seemed MUCH Higher!) then ride off of it. I was nervous and the structure was quite shaky, but I felt that I had to go for it since they were expecting me to. A nice end to the vid and I was glad I didn’t break any bones!:smiley: I think I’m improving week by week, but I obviously have a LONG way to go. But to me a big part of the fun is all the new stuff you learn as time goes by.:smiley:


Mmmm… boston. that’s awesome, i would love to get up early and ride sometime. you beat the heat that way. sweet riding

Yeah, it can top 85 F by 9am! And it stays that hot at least 'till 6pm! So the only real alternative is to hit the trails at dawn. I like to get in at least 3 hours, and today I did almost 4, and by 9am it was starting to bake!:smiley:

Thanks. Miles (Mornish) did a similar drop from that same fence thingy a couple of weeks ago, so I had to try it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Dude I must confess… As you started crossing the bridge over the stream I immediately started chanting “fall in the water, fall in the water, fall in the water”. I honestly don’t know what came over me. Cool video too.

HA! I actually DID fall once but just got my shoes wet is all.:smiley:

I liked it!

Looked like you were getting some little trials lines going in there, I bet you could easily clear those cement blocks.

Cement blocks? I think you mean tree stumps? Yeah, I’m increasing my gap width a little bit at a time. 2-2.5’ seems to be about my limit right now. I also need to work harder on my rolling and static hops which suck right now. But an old dog can still learn at least some new tricks! :sunglasses:

Great video…But id did notuce that for 5the first half you werent wearing a helmet at all…Not like you at all Terry…Tsk, tsk…

great video and nice riding! also loved hearing music I grew up with - morning rides really rock

Yeah that’s because My minicam was attached to my helmet, and so it was easier to just leave it on when I set it up for a long shot…but you’re right, that was kinda dumb!:smiley:

was the fency thing still really wobbly?

lol on one of the muni rides with the SD uni club I fell down a muddy ravine and then I fell in a creak. I was soaked.

great vid.

ps. pm me when you go on rides. I want to come again!

Do you have a video of that!! Comon pleeeze post it if you have it! lol

unfortanently, no. however, the really downside was that I fell down the ravine(it was muddy and very deep) I climbed up(it took like 10 minutes) and then I found out we had to go down that way. unicycling with wet shoes sucks.:wink:

Wow! I didn’t know it was that bad! Hope you weren’t hurt.:frowning:

nothing other than a few scratches.

oh no 85 F It’s been 105 F here this last week in tennessee. i’ve hardly been able to go outside.

That sucks! Maybe there’s something to global warming. :astonished: I just checked the current temp here last updated at 8pm (pst). 81 F! Yikes.

oh no! 105 F? Today I was working outside all day, and it was 110 F here in the Central Valley in California.

Eh, I dont really let the weather effect me, Its been 100 something up here now, and I still ride, when it is snowing, I am riding, when it rains, I ride.

Think of me as a mailman, delivering mail no matter what, but on a unicycle.