New Video: "Morning Muni"

Where exactly are they?? Do the trails have names so I can look them up in Geoladders? The only trail they list in SD is:

Is that the area?

I had to edit and shorten the first one. (free ride by Edgar Winter) Too bad I had to cut it short 'cause I really like that one. My guess is (I may be totally wrong) that most of the younger people on this forum may not even know these old songs…referred to by some as “Dinosaur Rock” :astonished: To me they just don’t write 'em like they used too! But there’s still a lot of decent new stuff out there too, but I’m just not up on it yet, so I use a lot of the classic rock I grew up with.:smiley:

That’s Classic Rock, all you young whippersnappers, and always will be. Great song choices! And yup, sometimes the weather mandates odd hours for riding. The mornings are nice because things are quiet and the day is fresh. I’m about to head out to meet Jess Riegel for some end-of-day riding at Salmon Falls, also trying to beat the heat…

Salmon Falls? Is this the trail?

Looks like fun!

we have the flightline trail, cow’s mountain, iron mountain, and lots more. Their all great.

Which one would you recommend for me? I would like something fairly technical, with rocky sections and singletrack. I’m not into fire roads. I would like something long enough that I can do 2-4 hours and I don’t mind some climbing. What would really be great is a trail with some shade! Thanks!

Iron mountain is awesome. Very very technical. You hike up, then ride down. I think it’s about 3 miles. also, the flightline trail is great. I’ll email or pm you if SDuni plans a ride. (SDuni is the san diego unicycle club)

Sounds good thanks!:smiley: (I can also bring an extra muni if you or anybody else wants to try it…(depending on whether I’ve sold it by then!)

nice work terry. you seem to be getting better every video. keep up the good work.

Thanks Tom. I’m really trying to get better at rolling hops, and just bigger hops in general. Also, I’d like to start doing 180’s and even 360’s off of drops, but I’m thinking maybe the 360’s might be a bit too much on a 24" muni.