New Video: "Morning Muni"

I usually ride later in the day when it’s not so hot, but today I decided to try and drag myself out of bed at 4:30 am! :astonished: So I got all my stuff together, ate a bagel and drank about a liter of Cytomax, and about 45 minutes later I was on the trail!

Wow! I forgot just how beautiful a sunrise could be! Awsome! Anyway, this is a pretty short vid and because I went alone this time, it was tricky setting up the camera without a tripod! I really think I found the definitive music (first song, anyway) that is a perfect fit for where I was and the particular “gear” I have. Nothing amazing on my part-just had a really fun time as usual. Hope you enjoy it a little bit. Let me know what you think of it. :slight_smile:

was that the same trail I did with you?

At the beginning it was Cholla, which is the basic first (steep) trail we took at the beginning, but then I did the “Lynx” and finished the loop with Cayote canyon. The trails you did there were “stair-stepper”, “rockit” and cayote. Lynx is as technical as rockit, but also has a bit more variety.

yea, I thought I reconized part of it.

what size cranks do you have on your new KH? they look like 165’s…

oh, and that was a neat video. they were pretty good camera angles for not having a tripod or a camera person. I still would’ve like to have seen you jump over the camera while it was filming!

HA! Good idea but my rolling hops are not quite there yet. Yes they’re 165’s.

how do they compare to the 150’s you used to ride on on your DX?

I like the 165’s because I can climb with less effort, and I don’t really go that much slower than with the 150’s. Plus the 165’s give me more leverage and torque which helps too. And on my dx I also used 175’s with good results, but too many pedal strikes!

Once again Terry a great video…Ive got to get down to Cali some time to come ride with you…You have so many good trails around you.

Thanks That would be great to have you along! I’m sure I could learn a lot from you because I’m still kinda new at muni, but I really love it!

silly, go another your and do the trails in sand diego. Their awesome. are you coming down for the cali muni weekend?


Miles, did you mean another “year?” By the way, in case Ididn’t say it,thank you also very much for joining us a few weeks ago…you are quite an excellent rider with skills that are impressive, and I hope with practice to be that good one day!:slight_smile:

I am 99% sure I’m coming to cal muni! At least it won’t be as far of a drive as Moab!

You’re too kind Amanda.:smiley: You never fail to amaze me with your talent! You should be on Master of Champions and do freestyle like in your vids! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…please can you give me directions to some good trails in SD? I want to comeout there maybe next week as I’m taking afew days off.

those are two of my favorite songs, great video.

Well maybe at the Next NAUCC…Ill be there for sure. And Ill probly learn from you…Im a total newbie at Muni ive only been doing it for 2 weeks.


Frankly, I’m a little pissed off! I’ve been trying to get you down here in the morning for 2 months and the minute I go out of town, you come!!!
Seriously, fun vid and you had a nice rolling hop near the end. I think I am going to get to hook up with some Seattle guys to Muni tomorrow. I’ll take some stills and post them.

HA! But would you have met me at 5:00am??? I’ll come out there next time we ride and we can do Whiting ranch (I need a change, especially for shooting vid) but if we do the morning I’d want to start no later than 6am. Would you be down with that?
Hope you’re having a blast up there and looking forward to seeing the pics!

jrdugueod, you should come down to san diego to muni sometime. we have great trails down here.