NEW VIDEO: "Mission: Muni"

Another fun-filled afternoon of muni with me, Perry and Jim. Some Hops & drops and assorted upds. Pretty low-tech stuff but we always have a great time!

We invite anyone to join us as we get together for muni pretty much every saturday. So if you live within reasonable distance of Orange County, CA, give us a holler! Cheers!:D:) :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


great video

thumbs up

cool vid.

a little word of advice… keep you feet ont he pedals! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Another cool video, like always.

I refuse to believe you’re a day over 30.

Pretty cool video terry, Next time you run into stumps like those, go sif, You’l be more controled.

Yeah I need to start doing sif, but it just feels less stable, but that’s prolly because I haven’t got used to it yet. Thanks! :smiley:

Ah HA! Great point! I also have to keep my feet centered so as not to be on the balls of my feet when I drop. :slight_smile:

I do too…I think that’s what keeps me young! (Somebody said they were convinced that somehwere I had a picture of me that was aging, like dorian grey! :astonished: )

Thanks to everybody who commented on the vid! It gives me encouragement!


here’s for the downloaders like me:

great vid terry! Hope to see you at CMW!

That’s cool! Thanks for that DL link!

Thanks! I’m one of those who won’t make any reservations, but just go at the last minute! I’m planning on it big time!:smiley:

nice video

i must say, you are the only person to ever put up constant MUni videos instead of flooding the place with trials and street… (not that trials or street is a bad thing)

they’re always enjoyable.

oh, and great MI music. Loved it. But for me, nothing beats your “spoke tuning” method. makes me laugh every time i watch it.

Next time you run into stumps like those, go sif, You’l be more controled

what is sif?:o anyone.:slight_smile: I want to go next time. :sunglasses: cool vid perry is geting better:) :smiley:

where saturday’s ride?

:smiley: set in front maybe :smiley:

It’s riding/hopping/jumping with “seat in front”, or sif.:smiley: I’m workin’ on that.

Not sure yet Miles. It’s Labor day weekend so I might have to skip that weekend! :astonished: Oooh! Muni withdrawls!:frowning:

I disagree. I think it’s fine to take that set of stumps seat in.
With Muni seat in can save energy, and offer more stability.
I’m thinking seat in front could have been used to get on the stumps.

I belive the same, just for Sif, When it comes to hops 25" and under, you can use alot of tuck, and hardly any leg force launching you into the air, that you need for seat in. Also you can bail easier, and move the seat from side to side to make ballance addjustments without using setup hops which require much more engery.

great riding, and congrats on the stump jumpin’, tenacious terry!

the jubilous jumps judge you just jolly, jungle jim!

the pretty prodigious progress present proves Professor Perry pretty persistent!

you don’t get one, terry. :roll_eyes:

I like that…well done! I had no idea you were such a “wordsmith!” :smiley: (PS: When are you riding with us again?)

Great video as usual, Terry. And don’t let onelesscar know, but here’s an alliteration just for you.

Tenacious Terry triumphantly tops tree trunks truly terrificly!