NEW VIDEO: Misses & Hits

Me and Perry at Aliso Woods Lynx trail today, 11.26.06. Mostly just messin’ around trying to forward and side (static) gap our “White Whale”, then go for the rolling hop across it, which we both did…on our 24" Munis!:smiley:

Perry also takes a pretty bad fall and hurt his wrist doing a 180 off a pretty tall boulder! He thought maybe he broke his wrist, but it’s most likely a bad sprain.

Also heard on tape is probably the funniest “observer comment” we’ve gotten yet! Be warned that he uses a bad word! Uh oh! :astonished:

So this time the vid shows really no “trail” riding per se, and is only about 2 min long, but moves at a good clip thanks to the editing. Hope you enjoy as we were just havin’ fun!:D:) :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :p;)

roll hops 014_0001.jpg

I think he’ll be ok. He’s young and will heal. He basically over-extended his left hand and sprained it, but was able to complete the ride after the fall, which was at the very beginning of our ride. What you didn’t see (because it wasn’t filmed) was a nice 3’ drop he landed off of a bike rack at the end of our ride! Good job Pear!:smiley:

Try more speed on those rolling hops. Looking good!

That gap looks like a piece of cake now for you. I need to practice a little more, maybe lowering my seat might help. I should invest in quick release so I can change it on the spot.

Yeah those QR are great! HEy a local paper is doing another Muni story this week with me & perry!

wow, your getting good at those rolling hops now!

Make sure you post that story! I wanna read it if its online.

oky dokey!:smiley: