New Video: Mellow Muni 1.14.07

As the title says, the vid is on the “mellow” side, but our ride was anything but! We made it all the way to “top of the world”, which is a looong, difficult uphill grunt of several miles. It’s located above Laguna Niguel in Alsio Viejo, CA. Here’s a list of the 112 trails throughout this area:

Newcomer Eric (with his dad Mike tagging along on his mtb) joined me & Jim as we also sampled “Stair stepper” then finished by bombing it down Lynx trail. Most of the footage is pretty tame stuff as lately we are riding way more than filming. The music is also on the quiet side as well. :DI’m planning on pumping things waaay up next video.


Great video, that trail looked really fun to ride. The music almost made me fall asleep :D, but really, I liked that song.

I always love watching your videos! It’s so rare these days to find someone that makes a good muni video that shows the technicality of the trail. Good job.

wow that was a really nice video, well edited and all, and good riding!